I spoke too soon…..

Israel provides air cover for terrorist elements in  Quneitra.

The Israeli Air Force today supplied air cover for Al Nusra terrorists, destroying Syrian military vehicles and killing two Syrian soldiers. The lying Israelis claimed the attack was because of errant weapons fire into ‘Israel controlled areas’. If they weren’t illegally occupying the Golan Heights, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place but can they explain why these problems occur only when the terrorists are attacking Syrian forces?

Despite admissions of supporting terrorist elements for years, the Israelis get an easy ride from our media. They are never exposed for their crimes no matter how heinous. Palestine is ignored. Crimes against it’s neighbours are ignored. Israeli interference in the British political system, amongst other countries is ignored. For all the different ways which the mainstream media conveniently ignore Israel, there has to be only one conclusion. Israel controls the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theory? Try to find a journalist critical of Israel. Learn how many Palestinian homes have been bulldozed. Try to find out how many young Arabs have been killed by the IDF, claiming they attacked soldiers with a knife. Try to find the name of the 15 year old Palestinian girl that died because she was left for an hour and a half with her fatal injuries, bleeding to death on the floor. Try to find out the conditions in which Palestinian prisoners are kept in, many of them without ever being formally charged or tried in court. Learn what if feels like to be stood in blistering heat waiting to be processed to go through a check point that serves no security purpose.

Try to find this information out from our mainstream media and you will be wasting your time. No conspiracy theory here.


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