Israel itching for a fight.

Incredible restraint being shown by Assad in the face of mounting provocation.

The Israeli Air Force have now attacked the Syrian Arab Army and its allies for three days running. The strikes have been in support of Al Qaida/Al Nusra/ISIS or whatever name they call themselves. The illegal assaults have been completely ignored by the UN

Clearly, the Israelis don’t fear the terrorists as they claim to do when they accuse them of attacking them in occupied Palestine. The catalogue of assistance given to the extremists is even discussed in mainstream media. Money, weapons and medical assistance as well as military air support is given to the terrorist vermin who are confirmed Israeli proxies, in their attempts to weaken the Assad government.

If it weren’t for Syria and its allies struggling to fight the criminal invaders, the cowardly Israelis wouldn’t dare attack Syrian assets. The IDF couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and it will be proven once Syria have finished with the US, UK and Saudi financed terrorists. I’m sure Nasrallah and his military advisors have already cooked up some nice surprises for the next time the Israelis feel brave enough to try to take on Hezbollah.

As it stands currently, only the IAF think they are safe to attack Syria without fear of reprisals. It’s the brain dead extremists that are doing all the dying but they aren’t bright enough to comprehend it.


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