Is the US cleansing Raqqa of Arabs?

Indiscriminate use of White Phosphorus suggests the US are deliberately trying to kill civilians in Raqqa.

The irony and hypocrisy of the US using White Phosphorus on the one hand, yet accusing Syria of using chemical weapons on the other is also bemusing. Only Israel and the US have been found to use the widely condemned chemical weapon in recent years, both claiming that using it under certain conditions it is not a CW (whilst not using them under those conditions anyhow). This is not true. Both have used it to slaughter innocent civilians in Gaza, Iraq and now in Syria.

When Saddam used WP in 2005 the US condemned him for using chemical weapons.

Indiscriminate use of WP in Raqqa can only result in many thousands being killed by these aerial assaults supposedly targeting ISIS.  The hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Whilst accusing the Syrian government forces of using CW’s with no evidence to support it, the US doesn’t deny using WP. It seems that the US has the last word on who can and who cannot use CW’s.

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