US Palestine/Israel ‘peacemaker’ is a life long friend of Netanyahu.

Further evidence, if it were needed that the Arab/Israeli ‘peace process’ is a farce.

Long time observers and experts of the Arab/Israeli conflict have continually dismissed (particularly) Israeli efforts to resolve it. The corrupt Palestinian Authority, through its weakness, has assisted the stream of belligerent Israeli governments in the pretence of a ‘peace process’. Over thirty or forty years, the Israelis have hoodwinked any interested parties into believing that they continually strive for a peace agreement. During all this time, they have been stealing Arab land, as well as intensifying the persecution of the Palestinians.

The predominant enabler to these crimes has been and still is, America. Purporting to be an honest peace broker, they have been nothing of the sort, continually undermining any remote chance of success. So the announcement from Trump, that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner would be given the job of mediating, was staggering.

First of all, Kushner is a Zionist who has contributed to the building of illegal settlements. He’s also an Orthodox Jew. It has now become apparent that Kushner’s family have been good friends of the Netanyahu’s for many years. How can the squeaky voiced Kushner be an impartial problem solver? He does make previous US attempts at arbitration look balanced.

Lets imagine the situation was reversed and the Arabs were in a powerful position, assisted by their generous friend, America. Would the Israelis allow a staunch anti Zionist be the main mediator? Lets not forget that any anti-Semitic feeling on the Arab side is  more than equalled in anti Arab feeling from the Israelis. And yes, I know that many Arabs are Semites too, so the phrase is rather deceiving.

Kushner is just about the most biased person that Trump could have found to resolve the Arab/Israeli conflict but maybe that’s why he chose him.

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