Scott Ritter – A comprehensive rebuttal of accusations that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons.

The renowned former weapons inspector systematically debunks US and UK claims of Assad using chemical weapons during the war.

Scott Ritter has always been a voice of reason when it comes to claims of weapons of mass destruction. He was one of the few real experts that cast doubts on Saddam’s ability to build such weapons, never mind use them.

He has written an article here that not only points out there is no evidence to support accusations of Assad using CW’s but also that he would have to be insane to do so. Assad, with an abundance of help from the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah have managed to turn around a hopeless situation.

For Liam and Pat.

Despite fraudulent claims by both Israel and the US, Hezbollah are not a terrorist group and there is no evidence of them causing terror for any other group of people. Primarily, they were set up to defend against Israeli crimes when they occupied Southern Lebanon. Hezbollah are a defensive organisation. No Israeli occupation of Lebanon – No Hezbollah. They only became involved in  Syria because of their legitimate fear that ISIS would try to conquer Lebanon if they succeeded with Syria. Do some research and then try to claim Hezbollah are terrorists.

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