US and UK companies supply terrorists with chemical weapons.

Toxic gases normally used by police forces found in

terrorist warehouses.

Syrian authorities are demanding an inquiry into the circumstances of crowd controlling chemical weapons being found during raids on extremist elements at two locations in Syria. The substances are banned in war zones and their supply should be under strict supervision. It’s incomprehensible that these weapons cannot be traced, considering the very limited groups they supply, presumably police forces around the world.

Despite mainstream media having completely ignored the revelations, serious questions need to be answered about how these licensed products came to be in the hands of dangerous criminals. The British company alleged to be involved are Chemring Defence UK but have been widely quoted as being called ‘Cherming’ Defence UK.

The British government is strongly compelled to investigate these accusations, especially considering UK support for the US strikes on Syria, after they were accused of using chemical weapons against civilians. In reality, these two instances are incomparable. The Syrians have the evidence that a British company have either directly or indirectly supplied known terrorists with banned weapons. The British government had no evidence that the Syrian authorities were involved in the Khan Sheikhoun atrocity, or indeed any of the other chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Yet ‘our’ support for President Trumps attack on a country that had not threatened us in any way, was unequivocal.

Just like the mainstream media, I expect the British government to ignore these charges but I will attempt to bring it to the attention of my regional representative and be asking for clarification regarding what credentials are required for buyers who are allowed to purchase these substances and what safeguards are in place to stop them getting into hands of terrorists.


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