Kurdish dream or a Middle Eastern nightmare?

Israeli support for a Kurd state is testament to it's ethnic cleansing of large swathes of Syria. Kurd aspirations of a state to call their own has seen ethnic cleansing of various groups of people from East of the Euphrates river. Raqqa hasn't been cleared of ISIS, it's been totally destroyed by Kurd and American … Continue reading Kurdish dream or a Middle Eastern nightmare?


Shoot first, ask questions later.

The majority of British police now think they should be armed. The continued use of excessive force during armed confrontations indicates that British police and firearms don't blend well. A suspect has been killed today in an operation involving numerous armed police and it's apparent that this particular victim was never going to to escape … Continue reading Shoot first, ask questions later.

An idiots guide to identity politics.

Straight talking Gilad explains it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89SBvOaqp8w&feature=youtu.be (warning: Gilad Atzmon uses some 'industrial language' in this clip) I've read Gilad Atzmon's articles dozens of times but haven't always understood the political descriptions completely. In this video, he manages to finally get his message through and it all makes perfect sense. There are many Jewish groups … Continue reading An idiots guide to identity politics.

Tim Rhodes – A fitting memorial.

It must take a very distinct mentality to prevent a decent and honourable person the opportunity for his friends to say goodbye. That a complete family would allow such a thing is unfathomable. Only the most heinous criminal activity would normally result in the deceased being secretly buried or cremated without even the slightest acquaintance … Continue reading Tim Rhodes – A fitting memorial.

Putin and North Korea.

Why do the media paint North Korea as a freak state when the reality of their predicament is blatantly obvious? In case we don't know, President Putin explains the logic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=124&v=xFedyqandWU The use of sanctions by the US can be equally as devastating as 'shock and awe', depending on how integrated the 'victim' is. Because … Continue reading Putin and North Korea.