Deir Ezzor siege ends.

If you relied on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know it.

A small group of Syrian forces have met up up with besieged soldiers in Deir Ezzor, a major Syrian city that has been held captive by terrorists for over three years. It is only a small step but a significant one to bring any semblance of normality to those that have been trapped.

To get to this stage has been an incredible feat. Just over two years ago the war was practically lost with terrorist extremists (supported by the US, UK, France, Qatar , Saudi and others) on the verge of victory. The Syrian Arab Army were being handed daily defeats, despite the huge efforts of Hezbollah and other allies.

…. Then the Russians came.

Militarily, the intervention wasn’t huge, only a small number of fighter jets and helicopters, with suitable support. It was the organisation skills, the expertise and the tactics that the Russians brought to Syria that were so vital. Furthermore, Russia have shown their dominance in the diplomatic sphere, constantly exposing Trump’s team to be the amateurs that they are. Maria Zakharova, with her amusing put downs to American journalists, have been a particular highlight.

¬†ISIS and its various co conspirators aren’t finished yet.

Extreme caution still needs to be taken to preserve the lives of SAA and its allies against the suicidal, drug crazed terrorists. There are clearly no limits to the heinous crimes these monsters will commit, proven by their barbaric atrocities against men, women, children and the irreplaceable monuments of Syrian’s rich history. The numerous bases that the US have created in Kurdish areas of Syria also means that the Americans and their allies haven’t conceded defeat. The destruction of some Arab towns East of the Euphrates has been deliberate in an effort to clear areas for the introduction of Kurdish inhabitants. The US attack on Deir Ezzor, which I have previously written about, exacerbated the difficulties for innocent civilians under siege and despite the criminal actions of the ‘alliance’, they merely delayed the current success.

Israeli exceptionalism.

Of course, Israel will continue to provoke, knowing that the US big brother will always try to finish off what Netanyahu starts. There is a disappearing window which becomes smaller at every village or town the Syrian allies liberate. The Israeli Prime Minister has been expressing spurious fears over perceived Iranian influence in Syria , in an attempt to get permission to counter it. These are based on the bogus claim that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map. The phrase that was used actually translates to ‘remove Israel from the page of time’, which clearly refers to protecting Palestinians from the violence and ethnic cleansing that the Israelis have inflicted on them.

The ‘fear’ of Iran.

Israeli fear of Iran is an absolute fabrication. First of all, Iranian support for Palestine does not transfer to hatred of Israel. Secondly, Israel have a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate not just Iran but probably end life on our planet. Their fear of Hezbollah has much more basis. The Lebanese defence militia have already proven to be tenacious adversaries. Which brings me back to the heroic efforts of not just the military combatants defending Syria but every Syrian.

An unparalleled fight for survival.

Syrian ability to withstand such immense and concerted efforts to destroy it have no modern comparison. Bashar al Assad, despite many false accusations of numerous crimes, has stood strong when his enemies expected him to crumble. The Syrian people, particularly those who had justifiable grievances, have been conned. The traitors who allied with the foreign mercenaries were fooled. The terrorists are Israeli accessories, their betrayal of their Palestinian brothers and sisters is complete.

Having said that, Assad isn’t squeaky clean. By his own admission, he’s made many mistakes. However, none can compare with Tony Blair’s catalogue of lies and deceptions that were used to destroy Iraq. Furthermore, if the coward Blair had been in the desperate situation that Assad has endured, he would have escaped a long time ago.

Israel are pulling all the strings, systematically weakening every friend of Palestine. Driving a wedge to further part the Sunni and Shia. Trying to break off chunks from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, by using the hapless Kurds. They have assets influencing the direction of many governments, manipulating every decision in the background. They are investing millions into the destruction of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. One of their primary assets in the UK has managed to crawl back into a position of authority, Liam Fox. Zionists have too many ‘Israeli first’ Senators to name.

The humanitarian situation.

There are only two countries in the Syrian region who have not accepted refugees from Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia. Try to go and live in either place if you practice a different religion. You would only receive any help from these two if you can prove your weapon is aimed at Syrian soldiers.



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