Provocation continues-Restraint prevails.

Israel have again attacked an installation in Syria, it’s unclear what exactly it was but it’s rumoured two Syrian soldiers perished. The attack was carried out from Lebanese air space, which Israel continually and illegally fly over. There seems to have been agreement made with with Russian authorities that Israel must not enter Syrian airspace. In stark contrast to North Korea simply testing weapons, Israel has not been censured by the UN for flagrantly ignoring international law with regards crimes against both Syria and Lebanon.

Netanyahu is mired in domestic allegations of corruption and appears to be trying to create a crisis that would take the focus from his own problems. Psychopaths don’t concern themselves with death and injury of innocent people when it comes to their own political survival. No one knows for sure but the repeated attacks from war mongering Israel could be an attempt to create a military response.

Syria cannot afford to be fighting the Israelis as well as the terrorists that still need flushing away. Netanyahu knows this. So does Putin.

So what can Syria do to stop these attacks?

The Syrian and their allies need to concentrate on killing as many invaders as possible. Israel have been and still is supporting the elements trying to remove Assad, so every battlefield victory against the terrorists is painful to the Israelis. Syria’s allies will, for the short term have to keep taking these criminal attacks on the chin.

One thing we can be assured of is that these provocations won’t be forgotten. Patience is a virtue and the Syrians will be keeping count of all these attacks. The message to Israel will be: They will be avenged – when Syria decides that the time is right.

Deir Ezzor.

Recent successes by Syrian forces appear to have ignited Kurdish/US interests in the area.



If the map above is accurate, it’s very clear that the US allies are keen to get to something around Deir Ezzor. So far the Americans have been out thought, out maneuvered and embarrassed by their Syrian/Russian/Iranian counterparts. The likelihood is that this move has been anticipated and a plan drawn up to negate it. Interesting times.

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