Putin and North Korea.

Why do the media paint North Korea as a freak state when the reality of their predicament is blatantly obvious?

In case we don’t know, President Putin explains the logic.

The use of sanctions by the US can be equally as devastating as ‘shock and awe’, depending on how integrated the ‘victim’ is. Because Iraq was a relatively advanced country and it’s health system was inclusive and widespread, the US and it’s allies sanctions were devastating and it’s been reported that up to half a million infants and children died for want of very basic medication, previously supplied by the West. However, in the case of North Korea, it’s people have been deprived modern health solutions because of it’s isolation. President Putin explains the logic very clearly in the short video.

Without a doubt, there is  no world leader that speaks with such clarity as Putin. No matter what the issue, he tries to explain what he thinks and why he thinks it. The dishonesty and evasion in Western politics is exactly the opposite.

A program by the BBC, World’s Busiest Cities, gave a fascinating insight into Russian life, specifically in Moscow. Towards the end of the film, a Russian woman explained how she faced eviction and that she was only being offered a fraction of the price (as compensation) to what it would cost to buy one of the newly built apartments that would replace her present one. There was a comment by the narrator that because of this ‘Russia still had things to learn’.

The insinuation that this couldn’t happen here in the UK, presumably because our society is fairer, was clear. The truth is very different. Exactly the same problems have occurred in London, an example was actually filmed by the BBC a couple of years ago. Property developers are no different in London than they are in Moscow or anywhere else. It’s a shame the BBC ended a very informative program by returning to it’s standard level of hypocrisy.


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