Tim Rhodes – A fitting memorial.

tims seat

It must take a very distinct mentality to prevent a decent and honourable person the opportunity for his friends to say goodbye. That a complete family would allow such a thing is unfathomable. Only the most heinous criminal activity would normally result in the deceased being secretly buried or cremated without even the slightest acquaintance to observe the ceremony. This is what happened to Tim Rhodes and so far as i’m aware, the whereabouts of his grave is still unknown to any of his friends.

Because he made such a positive impact on the people that knew him, it couldnt be left like this. For some reason, his closest living relative, his brother Andrew rendered his passing a non event.

Yesterday, in Cherry Willingham, Lincolnshire a seat was unveiled in memory of Tim, which had been paid for by his many good friends in the village and beyond.

Tim didn’t have much time for religion but that’s not to say he wasn’t spiritual. Outwardly, he would have dismissed the idea of a park bench with his name on it but I think (and I am sure many of his friends would agree) that he would have been pleased to be held in such high esteem that people cared enough to do it.

So, despite the efforts of his relatives, Tim will be remembered long after their miserable lives have been snuffed out. During his battle with cancer, they only ‘cared’ enough to make sure that they were the recipients of all his valuables but when it came to his funeral, the truth was revealed.

Once a banker, always a banker, Andrew Rhodes, take a bow.

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