Israel under the radar.

The threat of more war is increasing in the Middle East.

Russian war drill’s have been universally condemned as provocative by the worlds media but those within the sphere of ‘the West’ are described as preparation and safeguarding our security.

Recently, Israel have gone even further by using the scenario of a war with Hezbollah. Criticism has been muted. A war would be perfect for Netanyahu now because he is mired in accusations of corruption in Israel and ‘defending themselves’ would be a perfect distraction.

The Israeli regime are also losing the ‘war’ with BDS, as the campaign is gaining traction in the face of continued land grabs, school demolitions and video footage of very small children having their satchels searched by IDF soldiers whilst walking to school. In defence of these claims, it’s been pointed out that some schools in the West have mandatory searches for the pupils but the age range is much higher than the toddlers the IDF have been targeting.

The video can be watched on this twitter feed and the nature of the search is telling. The male soldier throws the books out of the bags and the female soldier seems unconcerned. Meanwhile, the school children carry on like ordinary kids, chattering and playing – As if this is normal!

Speaking of normality, a thought provoking, if rather depressing description of Israel by Gideon Levy.

One thought on “Israel under the radar.

  1. I agree with your analysis. Sadly, it appears that war is now almost certain. Such conflict would see vast profits for the military-industrial complex, but it would also see an intended end to Iran as a power and open up capitalist access to their oil. Dark times ahead, I fear.

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