Kurdish dream or a Middle Eastern nightmare?

Israeli support for a Kurd state is testament to it’s ethnic cleansing of large swathes of Syria.

Kurd aspirations of a state to call their own has seen ethnic cleansing of various groups of people from East of the Euphrates river. Raqqa hasn’t been cleared of ISIS, it’s been totally destroyed by Kurd and American forces. The plan has been to make a clean slate of large areas of Syria that haven’t been predominantly Kurdish and has been geared up to steal the most valuable energy resources of the Syrian state. Just as in Iraq, the Kurds, with US support are attempting to seize oil wells and gas installations that would effectively make the economy of Syria untenable. Considering the rebuilding of Syria, the revenue from these assets are vital.

Donald Trump and the neocon US government have consistently lied about their aims in war torn Syria by being the driving force behind Kurdish attempts to claim vast areas in Syria. The US has been implementing an Israeli push for autonomy on the basis it would financially ruin the Assad government. Trump has pretended to distance himself from the internal restructuring, whilst carrying out Netanyahu’s plan to the letter.

If it wasn’t obvious before, the US government is now very clearly controlled by Israel. Trump claims to be ‘America First’ but his actions betray the truth.

It’s of no strategic or financial use whatsoever to the US regime. It will be beneficial to private companies who will profit from the theft by the hapless Kurds who have been convinced it is a feasible move. It isn’t. This Kurd nation they want to create is land locked. The only possible route they have for selling the oil is via Turkey. The US policy has been ‘might is right’ but despite the huge amounts spent on ‘defence’, there is a different reality coming to the fore since the revitalised Russia started to upgrade its military capability.

The US spends on its own almost as much as the rest of the world put together. Problematically, most of the defence funding has a propensity to disappear in to thin air On September 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that over 2 trillion dollars had gone missing. The statement was never severely scrutinized and the department trying to uncover the discrepancy was unfortunately obliterated in the Pentagon attack.


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