Shoot first, ask questions later.

The majority of British police now think they should be armed.

The continued use of excessive force during armed confrontations indicates that British police and firearms don’t blend well. A suspect has been killed today in an operation involving numerous armed police and it’s apparent that this particular victim was never going to to escape with his life intact.

No details have been released yet but a couple of images have emerged.

The first thing that strikes me is that there should be two bullet holes in the rear window. What are the rules of engagement? I imagined they would only fire if they felt that officers were in imminent danger if they didn’t. Clearly that is not the case because the suspect was still sat in the drivers seat when he was fired at from behind. If it takes this many bullets to take out a suspect, it signifies lack of expertise in the use of weapons.

Recently, it’s been announced that the majority of police officers support the arming of the force. If specialist police units continue to show incompetence and panic when dealing with very well planned operations, it instills no confidence.

As i’ve said before, when these two combinations are mixed, it will ultimately end in death for a suspect. The sight of UK police with semi automatic weapons is terrifying and the practice should be resisted. Police officers killed by armed suspects is thankfully a very small number. Arming all officers to protect themselves would mean more civilian victims and more cover ups.

A report in the notorious stranger to the truth, the Daily Mail claims that the red car was ‘chased’ down the motorway. I can’t tell what sort of car it is, what I can say with certainty is that it ISN’T a Ferrari.

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