For the benefit of Israel.

Rogue Zionist regime still hoping to reap rewards of Syrian chaos.

Despite vast areas of the country being in government hands, the Syrian pain will continue. The recent public announcement of an SDF – ISIS ceasefire merely confirms what many people have suspected.  Whilst building bases in Eastern parts of Syria, without doubt illegally, the American military have been training and supplying the SDF. When Kurdish forces moved south alongside the Euphrates, ISIS simply disappeared, meanwhile Syrian government forces and their allies were met with furious resistance. Apparently it would seem that the US can influence both Kurdish and ISIS forces and clearly they are intent on maintaining control of the assets East of the Euphrates, the question is why?

The hydrocarbon reserves that Syria possess is insignificant to the US. Obviously, the Kurds survived without the revenue from it prior to the war for many years. ISIS were allowed to transport it to Turkey during the period they had access to the oil that was until the Russians attacked one of its tanker convoys. For numerous years Syria has been without an estimated 40% of its oil revenue east of the Euphrates. This income is vital for domestic power and to finance the rebuilding of a devastated country. Another important point to consider is that, compared to the rest of Syria, Kurd controlled areas were relatively untouched by the fighting. This is in stark contrast to Raqqa, which was the home for an Arab population. A rough guide to the expansionist agenda of the Kurds are these two maps. The first is showing Kurd regions in 1957 (but the area of control hadn’t changed much until after the Syrian war began.)


Compare this with the map below and we can see the vast amount of land that the Kurds have acquired.


This cynical conquest has happened during the time many parts of Syria have been reduced to smouldering, wrecked buildings and when the remnants of terrorists have been finally removed from other parts of the country, the focus will shift to the treacherous behaviour of their so called fellow countrymen, the Kurds.

Israel has a good relationship with the Kurds and have been buying cheap oil from them, presumably using Turkish associates to transport it. However, this isn’t the only reason Israel supports the Kurds. The aim of Israel is to weaken Syria so much that they are unable to defend themselves. The political problems in Lebanon have been created by the Saudis, in collusion with their new found friends, the Israelis. The Iraq war, if not inspired by Israel, they were certainly a leading advocate. Gaddafi, before his horrendous murder was also sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Resistance to the Greater Israel project is very dangerous, even if other nations are used to carry out the dirty work for them.

Frequently we are told the complex web of the Middle East is unfathomable but a glance at history and the connivance of the state of Israel provides ample evidence of their need for weak and divided neighbours. The foot soldiers of the IDF, educated to despise Palestinians from an early age, are only trained in how to control unarmed civilians. The war that the US, UK and others imposed on Syria does have a silver lining, albeit at a terrible price for the civilians. The Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and Iranian forces have had to contend with a brutal, callous and devious enemy in ISIS. If the next war is with Israel, they will be well prepared to deal with the check-point charlies that currently make Palestinian lives a misery with their bogus ‘security measures’.

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