Dear Israel……

You cannot continue to complain to the world that you were forced from your homes when you systematically demolish the homes of others.  You cannot claim I have no empathy for your historic plight when you shamefully inflict a mirror image of it onto others.

You cannot be outraged about recognition when you don’t recognise the minimum basic needs of others. You cannot demand a demilitarised Palestine when you hold the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. You can’t be the victim when you have one of the largest and best equipped military in the world.

You can’t complain about anti Israel bias when you have friends running every major media company in the world. You can’t claim to be bullied when ‘settlement’ thugs are given a free reign to attack Palestinians, including murder, without reprisals. You cannot criticise Nazis when you behave much worse than they did.

You can’t condemn terrorism when you terrorise others. You can’t condemn them when you openly support them. Why condemn them and give them hospital treatment?

What was that I said about who runs the media?

The media has yet again given Israel an easy ride. The only footage that was shown was stone throwing Palestinians and burning flags. There is no referral to the fact that it is another land grab. There is no mention of Trumps Middle East ‘peacemaker’ being an Orthodox Jew. There is no progress on an agreement.

The time is right to campaign for a one-state solution.

Equal rights for all and an end to the lopsided laws that gives Jews the upper hand in everything from building to avoiding criminal justice. Every refugee who wishes to be repatriated to Palestine should be allowed to and compensation for those that don’t. All political prisoners must be freed but needless to say, the Israelis won’t need to get the bunting out.

This isn’t incitement to violence and I’m not asking for preferential treatment for Palestinians, just equal rights for everyone. I’m confident that neither Muslims nor Christians religions will demand their own holy state. It will however be the end of the prejudiced, brutal Jewish state and considering it’s ethnic cleansing and devastating attacks on particularly Gaza, humanitarians would heave a sigh of relief.

A secular, fairer society where the different religions can practice their faith without fear.

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