Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

  Is this the real reason for Trumps Jerusalem statement?

Provocation is one of the tactics commonly used to anger the Palestinians and the Israeli government know exactly which buttons to press. Israel, supported to the hilt by the US regime, encourage escalation due to its massive advantage, even if you disregard American weaponry.

Despite the constant harassing and the extensive house demolishing in the West Bank, the Jerusalem statement has triggered an understandable response. However, I’m sure that the response from Gaza has delighted the Israelis. This was exactly what they wanted but it’s killed four and injured 120. ‘Rocket firing sites’ are so quickly fired on, it seems that the Israelis have got prior notice of the targets.

Of course, the truth is that any area that has Palestinians in it is going to be struck. The evidence is contained in previous attacks, particularly the most recent when 18,000 homes were destroyed. The International community ignored this war crime, as it will in future assaults.

I don’t believe that Trump is being conned by Kushner and his pal Netanyahu. He’s expressed his contempt for Muslims numerous times, even retweeting blatant lies by a right wing British group. Trump isn’t very bright, he’s screwed up with dozens of failed business ventures and probably had more than his share of luck with his successful ones.

Show us the damage?

Israel continues to claim that rockets are being fired from Gaza but the cynic in me is asking for evidence. I’ve seen previous examples of what damage these missiles make and an unruly child could be more destructive.

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