Gary Lineker – Welcome to the Anti-Semites club.

Lineker isn’t one of my favourite sports pundits but he just went up in my estimation. He put a video on twitter showing kids being held in dog cages. He was then attacked for retweeting a video by an alleged anti-Semite, Ben White. Lineker explained that he saw the video as a human rights issue, no one should be kept in a cage.

The pro Israelis have just revealed their tactics. They target anyone that dares to criticise the use of cages for humans by the IDF.

People need to ask themselves what the Israelis do behind closed doors if they think that this is an acceptable practice that doesn’t need to be hidden.

Despite the numerous attacks on Lineker, he wasn’t commenting on the Israel-Palestine conflict, he was clearly disturbed by children being put in cages.

What is abhorrent about that?

Spokesman for the IDF Peter Lerner insisted Lineker had missed the point but his argument is that humans shouldn’t be held in cages. ISIS put people in cages, Mr Lerner. Would he not be allowed to criticise them? If this is picked up properly by the alternative media, this could be a huge turning point in what the world allows the IDF to do by turning the other cheek.

The IDF imprisons kids in cages but it’s ok because they are only Palestinians. I would call it child abuse and if any other government in the world did it, they would be shunned by Trump, May and co. I guarantee, neither will mention it.



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