When did it become illegal to fight back?

Nikki Haley demands Iran stops helping Yemen from defending themselves.

This video is full of lies, omissions and speculation. Haley supplies no dates, no corroborative evidence. We are told to trust the Saudi government for that. The question and answer session at the end is full of friendly queries and gives Haley the opportunity to keep repeating her responses.

Yemen has been carpet bombed by Saudi Arabia, using weapons supplied by the US. It was a dirt poor country in the first place but now it’s being ravaged by disease as well as bombs, American bombs.

Effectively, Nikki Haley is telling the world they cannot resist the US or its allies. It is illegal, according to Haley. Combining the Iran nuclear deal with ballistic missiles control is a misnomer and even if it were technically true, there is no evidence that Iran supplied the missiles in the last few weeks or 20 years ago. The US is trying to stifle resistance to its political and military domination by using the UN. Haley’s deceptive language is a crude attempt to put Iran under the microscope to agitate other nations into supporting them.

No thought is given to the victims – ever. She fails to mention that the Saudi/US coalition have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians when she complains that the Houthis fired missiles towards a Saudi airport. She complains of Houthi missiles landing close to a Saudi airport but fails to mention the civilian infrastructure attacks nor the strikes on Yemen’s own airport.

Our detachment from the suffering that our governments inflict on people in far away lands doesn’t necessarily suggest lack of empathy. It comes from lack of knowledge and ignorance in a world where the media does everything it can to keep it that way. We need to be more curious, more cynical and question every decision made by politicians, especially when it concerns war. Eisenhower spoke of the danger of the Military Industrial Complex and he was absolutely right. The bomb makers and weapons manufacturers in general have a vested interest in continuing conflict.

Currently, the US has almost 50% of the weapons market and that is one of the reasons that they want to stymie Iranian progress in their ballistic missiles program. It’s also an attempt to make Iran defenceless for when the US and Israel do eventually attack them. All they are waiting for is a plausible excuse. If this is the best they can do, Haley needs to return to the drawing board.




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