Andrew Mitchell’s defence of the head-choppers.

‘The White Helmets very nearly won a Nobel peace prize’, emphasized Mitchell.

If this is the standard of British politicians, it doesn’t bode well. Andrew Mitchell interviewed on RT exposes the lack of intelligence amongst those elected to look after our interests and fails to convince with regard to the White Helmets.

Unconvincing Mitchell.

In the short clip, Mitchell claimed ‘incredibly brave men and women’, referring to White Helmet employees. However, the women with connections to the WH can only be involved in administration duties, as they are clearly not allowed to go on rescue missions. Why is that?

Saudi extremism permits a woman to drive, unfortunately, this doesn’t give them independence because they still need a ‘chaperone’ to leave their homes. Based on religious etiquette and funded via Saudi Arabia, I believe this is the reason that no women have ever been filmed attending rescue missions. Similarly, very few women, even victims, are ever shown in the WH propaganda.

So Mitchell’s ‘brave men and women’ is a provable lie. He is unable to get the basic details right. Furthermore, his claims that the UK has given more humanitarian aid than all the other European countries combined is pure fantasy. Numerous freedom of information requests have failed to muster any details from officials and like any good financial fraud, the money trail is a complex labyrinth.

The UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund is used to conceal the destination of the financing. The fund is alleged to be a ‘war chest’ of a billion UK pounds but it seems this is petty cash to the government and they don’t feel it should be accounted for. I wrote a letter to my local Member of Parliament and questioned the integrity of the White Helmets but was effectively palmed off.

Mayday Rescue, the organisation that finances the WH appears to be the go-between that facilitates the funding and insists it is a not for profit organisation. Recent revelations over the wages paid to Charity Executives indicates that remuneration has replaced corruption.




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