The brass neck of charity organisations.

Charity pleads to keep Syrian children warm.

A charity TV appeal for Syrian children has just been aired, probably for the thousandth time but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It beggars belief that the people organising this particular appeal are unaware of the UK government’s attempt to destabilise Syria over a ten year period. It’s difficult to imagine they don’t know about the millions of pounds given to the White Helmets, a thoroughly corrupt organisation that was probably manufactured by a British government agent.  Based in Turkey, a strong critic of Assad, the White Helmets was the idea of a former mercenary and British officer who decided in a change of direction from war maker to aid worker. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s no more of a miracle than the ability of Al Nusra henchmen changing into White Helmets at will.

The truth is stranger than fiction and the White Helmet story stretches the theory to its limits. Murderous terrorists pretending to be emergency services saving the innocent victims from the bombs of Assad and Russian aircraft. The civilians living in the vicinity of the White Helmets insist that it was the Al Nusra terrorists who were the priority whenever an attack occurred. Even basic medical first aid was refused for the civilian inhabitants.

Aside from the hypocrisy of these charity organisations, an even more worrying trend has emerged over the years. The executives running these charities have become political appointments and are as financially rewarded as their counterparts in corporations. Tactics to raise money are more aggressive and and encourage charitable people to give repeat automatic monthly payments. They also pass on your details to other charities and before you know it, you are being hounded to donate to multiple causes.

The charity industry has become as mendacious as big business. The appeals for the Syrian victims of West inspired violence are a prime example of the cynical government licensed charities.

I refuse to give anything to these charlatans.


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