Ahed Tamimi.

The attack on Israeli soldiers – In context

The ferocious protester Ahed Tamimi has been filmed provoking Israeli soldiers but the media didn’t reveal why she was so angry and insinuated it was a publicity stunt that was meant to be filmed. The truth is that she was incensed at the shooting of her cousin with a rubber bullet to his head. It seems now that he will recover fully but at the time he was considered to be in a serious condition. She has been recently arrested along with her mother, which is par for the course considering Israeli collective punishment methods. However that isn’t the most shocking part of this story.

Ben Caspit.

Ben Caspit is an Israeli journalist and until today, I’d never heard of him. However, he exposed a mentality that I believe is endemic in Israeli society. Bearing in mind the context of Ahed Tamimis outburst at an Israeli soldier, which the disgusting Caspit will be well aware of, he has insinuated the most horrific punishment.


“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, 

You can make your own mind up what he may have been implying but he certainly wasn’t suggesting Ahed should be treated with any respect. Caspit is now whining about being public enemy number one, as if he doesn’t deserve it.

Caspit won’t be writing about the injustice meted out to Palestinians when a stone thrower is sentenced to more prison time than a cold blooded ‘settler’ murderer. They do have one similarity, neither need face a court hearing, the latter because he’ll never be charged and the former because he can be held for years without a trial. It’s apartheid on steroids and there is no sense of fair play. An Israeli can kill a Palestinian with impunity and a Palestinian doesn’t have to do a single thing to be arrested in the middle of the night. They do these raids at this time to increase the fear of the event. To terrorise. Caspit has now denied ever uttering those words in context but then claims that Ahed should be released IF she hasn’t committed a crime and that provocation isn’t a crime. Caspit is deluded if he thinks there is any semblance of justice for Palestinians

So without a legal system to prosecute fairly and without any protection from the rampaging ‘settlers’ or the nazi-like IDF, how are they supposed to protect themselves. What would we do? Give up? No and neither will they. Having the worlds media against them has not just maintained the status quo, it’s allowed Israel to do whatever they like and it’s worse now than it’s ever been.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction organisation must be unconditional in its condemnation of Israel and should return to their original demands of the right to return for all. The brutal occupation and oppression has to be removed by whatever means possible. There can be no room for prejudices or undercurrents of perceived supremacy. The time for a softly, softly approach has long gone. When the (vast majority of) Israelis start behaving like reasonable human beings, they can be treated as such.

Despite the confidence of Netanyahu, the situation cannot continue. The 94% of Israelis that approved of the most recent Israeli attack, including the demolition of 16,000 Gaza homes have got to change their ways. If they don’t do something soon, the option will be taken from them and the Palestinians should not be expected to show any mercy, just as the Zionists haven’t shown any empathy towards them over the many decades that  they have held the military upper hand.


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