Another false alarm ‘terrorist’ attack spooks the twitchy Brits.

A smashed window in Oxford Street, London creates a stampede.

The British pride themselves on the ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality but despite the government telling the terrorists they won’t change our behaviour with their terror tactics, the reality is very different. It appears that anything akin to a bursting balloon has the Brits in a stampede in no time. The fear factor is palpable in British cities but as long as ‘we’ ignore the interference our government is pursuing in the Middle East (in particular), the threat will maintain its grip. The government are allowed to continue policies that antagonise others abroad and there is always someone willing to try to get revenge. That discounts the plots that are encouraged and funded by our security services. If they can’t catch a cold, they are forced to set up some fools to be their patsies. It doesn’t happen? Yes it does. The stories of intelligence criminality is already seeping out from the murders and bombings that were committed in Ireland by British security services.

ISIS can’t blame the UK foreign policy as the reason they are likely to attack us because British foreign policy is the same as theirs. Protect Israel. The only reason the government voted against the US recently at the UN was because the loudmouth duo of  Trump and Haley gave them no choice after issuing such outrageous threats. Why haven’t any of the think tanks, funded by all sorts if shady characters, revealed that ISIS have not and do not attack Israel? Have we no journalists that can see that these apparent deadly enemies are cosying up to each other in an attempt to fragment Syria, weaken Hezbollah and ultimately do the same for Iranian influence?

Yes , we do  but if they want to maintain their lifestyle, they have to ignore the elephant in the room. If by any chance they did try to reveal some unfortunate truths, it wouldn’t get past the editor.

‘We’ keep these newspapers in business through buying their shitty rags. We rarely protest our government’s policies, either home or abroad. By our silence, we are actually giving our tacit approval. The media supports the terrorists abroad but scream blue murder when terrorism visits us here. Whether it is real or not.

Remember the media claiming Russian and Syrian jets had destroyed Aleppo?

The British government have been openly financing the White Helmets. In the video below, they have what looks like a brand new JCB. Did British taxpayers supply it?

Another even more astonishing fact is that the very people we support and fund are the most likely to come and blow up our train stations or concert halls. It isn’t supporters of Assad that are likely to create a stampede in Central London, it’s the associates of the White Helmets.

Fortunately, internet shopping can remove the need for putting ourselves in harm’s way. From the safety of our homes, we can buy anything we want. Even when we are sat smugly in our armchairs, safely away from the danger of loud banging noises, we can still insist that these bloody terrorists will never change us. But they have.

We are fearful of our own shadow and a packet of balloons could cause chaos in our high streets. We aren’t scared but we’ll shop online – Just in case.


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