The operation to destroy Iran begins.

Plan B appears to be a colour revolution.

Israeli driven US policy appears to have given up on hurting Iran via the Syrian conflict and is moving to a secondary phase of encouraging violent disorder to bring the Iranian leadership to its knees. The media have taken up the opportunity to support the condemnation of unverified Iranian brutality against the protesters. This is the very same media that routinely condemns all anti government campaigners as being violent thugs. But this is Iran, the concerted effort will be to blame the Revolutionary Guards. Does Iran not have a police force?

The contrasting reactions would be funny if it weren’t so serious. BBC radio enjoyed the story of a violent uprising so much they repeated it once again after it had just been broadcast on the news. Yes, the very same BBC that continually claimed that there was a quarter of a million civilians being bombarded by Syrian and Russian fighter jets in Aleppo. The lies were exposed when just a few thousand civilians filtered out after it was liberated.

Protecting Israeli intent.

Pro Israeli editors and staff at news agencies know that their continued success is reliant on a minimum of putting the correct spin on a feature. The only other alternative is to ignore them completely and this is the reason so many people around the world are unaware of Israeli brutality and land theft.

If protests were widespread in Iran, why would the average Westerner be interested?  The ground is being laid to try to turn the screw on the Iranian government in anticipation of further sanctions. The US and UK constantly use the collective punishment against countries to make them comply to their wishes. These are an act of war.

The Iranian system of governance isn’t perfect but being lectured by messrs Trump, Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton takes the biscuit. These intellectual dwarves don’t merit being listened to. Their only concern about Iran is how much they can weaken them to prohibit support for the Palestinians and Hezbollah. They don’t care about Arabs , Persians or Africans, demonstrably proven by their willingness to kill hundreds of thousands, without the slightest regret.

Both Trump and Netanyahu have voiced support for rioters in Iran to continue their efforts to cause chaos and this should be the end of the disharmony. After all, an elected leader that has proven to be a prolific liar and Israeli firster, combined with the corrupt Netanyahu should be enough to quell even the most stupid ‘reformers’.

If that isn’t enough, Iranians should cast their minds back to the many and varied threats that have been issued by the two bald headed, vanity obsessed charlatans. If Trump succeeds in destroying the nuclear agreement, it could have catastrophic repercussions for all Iranians and bring about the implementation of even more sanctions. Netanyahu’s position needs no explaining, he believes that Israel is entitled to attack any nation that they perceive to be a threat. The all encompassing nature of their ‘right to self defence’ would be fine in the hands of a sane government but Israel have already used their ‘entitlement’ to attack Syria, without producing an ounce of evidence to justify their unprovoked assaults

This attack on Iran is looking very similar to the run up to the Syrian catastrophe. The techniques used are very sophisticated and there will have been a lot of planning by US and Israeli intelligence agencies in the preceding months and even years.

The Iranian people would do well to avoid the rioting on the streets. It will soon be joined by snipers killing anyone that is involved on either side. The template is Syria, the result could be much worse than Libya.

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