Is embedded video slowing down your web browsing?

This increasingly irritating nuisance can sometimes bring extremely high specification laptops and computers to their knees.

This fix doesn’t seem to be widely advertised. It’s difficult to tell now that Google (in particular) are selecting which web pages are prioritised using their search engine. Here are easy to follow instructions with images.


Type about:config into your address bar, like this:

Screenshot from 2018-02-17 18-27-28

This screen will come up next, just accept:

Screenshot from 2018-02-17 18-27

Scroll down to find media.autoplay.enabled

Screenshot from 2018-02-1

Double click on it and it switches to this:

Screenshot from 2018


…And that’s it, you can close the window and browse without constant interference from resource hungry video clips.

Just a slight warning. The problem with this fix is that it blocks your Youtube videos from  playing. I personally get around this by using different browsers for different tasks. General browsing with Firefox and Chrome if I want to watch Youtube.

An update on this issue.

Initially, Youtube didn’t work but it seems ok now, so there should be no need to use a different browser for watching video clips. I’ll monitor this and update again if needs be. I’ve so far tested this reconfiguration on a couple of Israeli news sites (and these tend to be the worst offenders) and its an improvement. If anyone has any further suggestions, feel free to comment.



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