Bloodthirsty Israel Defence Force relish the risk free target practice.

Planned day of action by Palestinians raises excitement level for the IDF.

This protest has been planned for a while, which has given Israel time to organise and get any prototype killing machines or new tactics honed by testing them on the unarmed crowds. Drones, chemical weapons and the favourite killing weapon for the Israelis, sniper fire. The challenge to kill a real moving Palestinian must be a thrilling prospect, even if they can’t fire back. The good thing about being a sniper is the anonymity. No one knows for sure who fired the shot. Unless they were going to investigate an unlawful killing allegation, which is unlikely, to say the least. Their forensic talents will have to wait until they want to snare a Palestinian for a crime they didn’t commit.

The US are world leaders at allowing their civilian police officers to murder members of the public at will but Israel are always challenging for top spot. This IDF soldier was heralded as a hero after he executed an incapacitated Palestinian who was laid injured on the floor.


Looking quite pleased with himself, isn’t he? He will be. He only served 7 months for the sickening execution. Meanwhile, Ahed Tamimi has been given 8 months for the heinous crime of slapping a trespassing IDF soldier, after he initially hit her.


The soldiers were trying to gain access to Tamimi’s property because it gave them a better vantage point to shoot Palestinians. Just earlier that morning Tamimi’s cousin was almost killed by a bullet.

So in that context, the clearly discriminatory military judges decided to teach the girl a lesson. One big problem with that theory. The young girl in the picture will always be a superior human being. I don’t like to refer to people in this manner but the ugly dog in the first picture really isn’t good enough to clean Tamimi’s shoes. He shouldn’t be described as human at all but unlike the general attitude amongst Israeli Jews that the Arabs are there simply to serve them, my reasoning has nothing to do with race, creed or religion.

She is intellectually superior and far more intelligent. She knows right from wrong because her parents taught her. She has never and will never kill another human being for the fun of it. He thinks he’s clever because he executed a man who was unable to even slightly resist but at some point karma will catch up with him. Tamimi will be released from prison being infinitely wiser and more able to resist the abuses of the IDF. But there is another reason why she will have the last laugh and that is because she will eventually be on the winning side. It might take a while but the treatment at the hands of gun carrying Israelis fresh out of school will simply make them stronger and more resilient. The Israelis are deluded if they think that after over seventy years of ill treatment, discrimination, torture, water deprivation and goodness knows what else will suddenly make them surrender. It won’t, it makes them stronger.

The thousands of Palestinian protesters know they have a target on their back. They accept that they might not journey back from their lawful protest over human rights, civil liberties and right of return. That doesn’t mean they are deliberately walking into death, it means they are brave enough to risk it for their liberty.

Propaganda relating to a death wish is unjustified but they know that death is a possibility and accept their fate. There are already 17 martyrs and dozens injured, like I said, for the IDF, an environment where they can safely kill, without the possibility of any dangers to themselves makes them feel invincible.

When Netanyahu takes the opportunity to be a war Prime Minister, in order to avoid domestic corruption charges, the IDF won’t be so confident. They have no stomach for a fight when their opponents are capable of doing them harm. The Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are battle ready. The IDF normally encounters an enemy with no guns. Yes, they have superior weaponry and air superiority but Hezbollah might already have portable air defence missiles and without a guaranteed air safety, they have been largely ineffective on the ground.

Until then, I salute the incredible resilience of the Palestinian people. There is only one winner in the battle between good and evil, the patience of the indigenous people will prevail and conquer.


Sergeant Tonroe.

“Sgt Tonroe fought to protect British values, our freedoms and to keep us back at home safe”

Whilst not wishing to offend the memory of a man unable to respond to my comments and with genuine sympathy for the family of Mr Tonroe, I cannot let the official remarks about ‘keeping us back at home safe’ pass me by without contesting them. This isn’t a personal attack on a man I never knew, this is an attack on the spineless cowards that sent him there.

Syria could have been ‘our business’. If the UK had seriously wanted to reduce radical and extremist rodents that attach themselves to Islam when in fact, it couldn’t be further away from it, they failed. Sending our troops (as it has turned out) to Syria and without approval from its President, was a grave mistake. Sneaking in under a blanket of vague UN resolutions was an immoral, if not criminal move and those that authorised it are directly responsible for his death. Quite simply he shouldn’t have been there.

Some may argue that he was their under some sort of UN responsibility to protect resolution. Recent examples of our interference under UN mandates haven’t ended too well, have they? We aren’t helping, we are interfering to try to create outcomes that are favourable to our country. In Syria I would go further and claim that our interference was there from the beginning, to try to oust Assad. We didn’t care what the people of Syria would endure, just like we didn’t in Iraq and Libya, just like we won’t if Iran are attacked, we really don’t give a fuck, so let’s cut the humanitarian bullshit.

Wanting a favourable outcome for the UK? That means creating business opportunities on the back of other people’s misery. To give some company CEO in London an extra few million bonus, hundreds of thousands need to die? Of course, after we create piles of dust and rubble were beautiful houses once stood, we’ll need to offer our engineering services and property building expertise. Let’s not forget about rearming and retraining the snivelling bastards that just did the majority of the dirty work. Call James le Mesurier.

Excellent opportunities to improve the oil industry could be performed by ‘our’ companies with so much experience and fortunately, they are all ready and waiting to ‘help you’. These psychopaths who shamelessly lobby for contracts, knowing that many people will die because of ‘favourable outcomes’, disgust me. My government disgusts me. They are a club of deranged, self righteous bigots with total disregard to anyone else.

Did we think we could influence the criminal extremists that call themselves ISIS and Al Nusra? No we wanted to make sure they succeeded. Did the British military offer humanitarian help to beleaguered Syrians who had been tortured and enslaved because they were the wrong religion? No. Worse than that, we actually attacked the soldiers that were defending them.

We offered air support, intelligence and logistics to the very same kind of people that destroyed lives at Manchester Arena. Salman Abdeli’s family were nurtured and protected to be active in the eventual removal of Gadaffi. The extremists in Syria are of the very same ideology and Sergeant Tonroe was sent to assist them. Reap what you sow and all that, but for all I know Mr Tonroe may have had a very good moral compass and genuinely want to help. The military will convert that good will into something they can use, not you.

RIP Sgt Tonroe.

Blair attempting to influence from the political wilderness.

But he still doesn’t get it, the British public generally despise him.

If Blair publicly announced that he supports any given policy, it would immediately result in considerably more than half the population wanting the opposite. He still doesn’t seem to understand the feeling of contempt most of us have for him. He has been caught lying so many times that anyone believing him might as well wear the village idiot hat. His responsibility for the current Middle East carnage is even more profound than George Bush, because without his support, the dopey american President wouldn’t have had the courage to go it alone. His subsequent and inexplicable employment as the Middle East Peace Envoy was a shocking insult to all those who died as a direct result of his chaos creating policies. Inevitably and predictably, he did set up the conditions in which he would line his own pockets and still allow Israel to increase its suffocating policies towards Palestine.

Blair actually used the eight years masquerading as a peace envoy to create contacts that would accrue vast wealth for him and his parasitic family. His incessant criticism of Jeremy Corbyn only serves to increase the present Labour leaders popularity. He is unable to comprehend that Corbyn is what Labour voters thought they were getting when they elected him all those years ago. Instead they got a marginally watered down Thatcherite manifesto with a couple of morsels for those struggling to survive in society. Even his ‘minimum legal wage’ was a scam. It didn’t ensure a decent standard of living, it was actually detrimental to wage growth and continues to present day, long after the smooth talking illusionist was unceremoniously evicted from the British political scene .

Jeremy Corbyn is everything Tony Blair isn’t. He’s not conning anyone, what you see is what you get. Corbyn has remained on the back benches of the Labour Party because of fraudsters like Blair. He wants a just settlement for the Palestinians, widespread social justice, a health care system that can continue to fill the needs of the people, a foreign policy that actually does good instead of wreaking havoc on weaker nations and many other things that Tony Blair expressly doesn’t want.

Phony Tony still hasn’t realised that every press release he propagates only reminds most people what an absolute prick he is.

Jewish pro Israel groups coordinate Corbyn attacks.

The accusations that Corbyn is somehow the ringleader of a party that allows anti semitism to flourish is a risible. The individuals that are trying to bring him down have an ulterior motive and it has nothing to do with anti semitic behaviour and everything to do with silencing criticism of Israel. As I’ve said before, Corbyn doesn’t have a racist or prejudiced bone in his body. Conflating support for Palestinians as anti semitic is deliberately obscuring the distinct line between campaigning against Israeli policy and disliking Jews, simply because they are Jews.

Primary critics of Corbyn include the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. These aren’t fluffy organisations that address UK Jewish needs, they are aggressive pro Israeli groups that are on a par with the discredited American Israel lobby.

The media will support any attacks on Corbyn, no matter where it emanates from. These are well financed and organised lobby groups and a world away from local Methodist Church coffee mornings. They are political heavyweights that promote Israeli propaganda. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel is a brutal, oppressive occupier which constantly finds ways to evict Palestinians from their homes, the JLC, BoD and other similar organisations rarely criticise them.

With so many adversaries using incredibly vicious methods to end Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader, it’s difficult to see how he can survive. But just like he has remained true with his support for the Palestinians, he will show the same determination to create a Labour Party that has few similarities to the Tony Blair era.

One thing is certain, the people and organisations trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn, do not care about the UK. They only want to maintain the status quo, which is the unwavering  support for a government that denies the Palestinians a peaceful existence. Even if that means accusing us all of being anti semites.


What is Jeremy Corbyn actually apologising for?

Why is the Labour Party being targeted?

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour Party, they have been accused of anti semitism. Why did these accusations about the party suddenly appear AFTER he became leader and not before? Was there an influx of bigots elected to the party with him? No, just Corbyn was elected, it wasn’t a General Election. So we can safely say that the structure wasn’t significantly changed by the leadership contest and no personnel were brought in that would convert the left leaning party into fascists.

Did Corbyn allow a fundamental change in Labour policy?

No. Basically, his leadership hasn’t inspired some sort of Nationalist, right wing  undercurrent that could turn the Labour movement into a racist or prejudiced party. Labour has historically had a left wing, socialist identity that was only undermined by Tony Blair. The shyster Blair tricked many of the electorate by allowing a ‘watered down Conservative Party manifesto’ to replace the long held principles of the traditional Labour Party. Whilst Blair was leader of Labour, the voters had a similar choice to the Americans – No choice at all.

Jeremy Corbyn’s promotion changed the party back towards its working class and social care roots. This, it would seem, is when the party suddenly accused of being anti semitic and reviled by the many Jewish groups calling for action to be taken to stop this seismic change  The question is, ‘what occurred that would alter the mindset of the Labour movement?’.

Nothing, the party didn’t change, just the leader.

Corbyn has been in the background of the Labour movement for over forty years. He has been anti war, against racism of any sort, promoting policies to help the less well off in our society and crucially, pro Palestinian. That doesn’t mean anti semitic, unless you use the recently manufactured description of it, created by Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn has never been accused of racism or holding prejudices against any other group. He has always campaigned for the rights of minorities and ethnic groups and never criticised any particular religion. He has also been fearless in his commitment to peaceful negotiation and has been criticised many times for having dialogue with widely described ‘extremists’. He preferred talking with the IRA than killing them and has been ostracised for discussions with Hamas and Hezbollah. This background is crucial to understanding the attacks on Corbyn.

The real objective is Corbyn, not the Labour Party.

Corbyn is no anti semite. His passion and commitment to the Palestinian equal rights struggle is the real reason the Jewish groups have attacked the Labour Party. Considering his neutrality in trying to negotiate a peaceful outcome to many disputes, the thought that he would suddenly become hateful to one group or another is laughable. Whether you agree with his political viewpoint or not, Corbyn never has been nor never will be anti semitic, it’s not in his nature.

Here is a list from the Labour Friends of Israel website. Only the MP’s highlighted in red can be regarded as supportive of Corbyn, the others are either neutral or hostile.

Joan Ryan
Ian Austin
Luciana Berger
Rt. Hon Nick Brown
Rt. Hon Liam Byrne
Vernon Coaker MP
Rosie Cooper MP
Yvette Cooper
Mary Creagh
Jon Cruddas
Wayne David MP
Gloria DePiero
Angela Eagle
Chris Evans
Jim Fitzpatrick
Rt. Hon Caroline Flint
Barry Gardiner
Mike Gapes
Preet Gill MP
Mary Glindon MP
Lilian Greenwood MP
Nia Griffith
Andrew Gwynne
Fabian Hamilton
Rt. Hon David Hanson
Carolyn Harris MP
Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge
Rt. Hon George Howarth
Rupa Huq MP 
Dan Jarvis
Diana Johnson
Helen Jones
Kevan Jones
Mike Kane
Liz Kendall
Peter Kyle
Rt. Hon David Lammy
Chris Leslie
Ivan Lewis
Ian Lucas MP
Chris Matheson
Steve McCabe
Catherine McKinnell
Conor McGinn
Melanie Onn
Lucy Powell
Toby Perkins
Jess Phillips
Bridget Phillipson
Tulip Siddiq
Virendra Sharma MP
Barry Sheerman
Ruth Smeeth
Angela Smith
Jeff Smith
Owen Smith
Wes Streeting
Graham Stringer
Anna Turley
Emily Thornberry MP
Karl Turner MP
Derek Twigg
Stephen Twigg
Chuka Umunna
Rt. Hon Keith Vaz
Tom Watson MP
Catherine West MP
Phil Wilson
Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton

So, out of 69 (that we know of) MP’s who are members of Labour Friends of Israel, only 13 can be described as Corbyn allies. The groups demanding action to rid the Labour Party of anti semitism are a consortium of fervent pro Israeli organisations and it is a political move to assassinate the character of Jeremy Corbyn. If the party removed Corbyn today, the allegations would cease… Unless of course, they elected another Palestinian equal rights campaigner.


The real reason for the campaign to remove the imaginary anti semitism is because Corbyn’s long held, consistent beliefs are very difficult to undermine. The party in general is much easier, especially when you have the likes of Joan Ryan and Ian Austin who have more interest in the citizens of Tel Aviv than their own constituents in Enfield and Dudley.

Poisoned Russian story escalates.

The British get a diplomatic expulsion boost.

The multiple expulsion of Russian diplomats by over 20 countries in support of British poison accusations means the tension has been significantly raised. The BBC describe it as the largest action of its kind against Russia in history.

This clearly choreographed response to the allegations of Russian poisoning of a former British spy suggests that this is a carefully constructed setup. How can all these countries conclude that Russia are the guilty party without the British adhering to OPCW protocols? Our government rattles on about international law whilst all the time ignoring the basic procedures set out by the organisation that was designed to carefully monitor all aspects of chemical warfare.

The involvement of the US and major European allies in this mass action is suspicious, to say the least. Trump, under constant pressure regarding Russian interference in US elections, could be using the situation to prove he has no affiliation to Russia, effectively reducing the credibility of the influenced election claims.

It could be more than just international diplomatic gamesmanship. The way Theresa May and Boris Johnson are clinging to this absurd conspiracy theory indicates a new cold war involving Russia. That means more finances being poured into weapons manufacture and design. Austerity for the British will continue without respite and more Americans will end up living in huge temporary homeless sites in the more deprived area of the country. Notably, the British government announced a £48 million increase in funding for Porton Down (UK centre for  CW research), just days into the Skripol inquiry. Coincidentally, it is only 7 miles from the location of the alleged nerve gas attack in Salisbury.

How can the British government conclude who committed the (attempted) murder of Skripol, his daughter and a police officer without even knowing what the weapon was?

The mainstream media support the official narrative as if it were a watertight accusation. But according to British law, the justice system (theoretically) us supposed to provide an accused person a fair and unbiased trial without the media influencing the verdict. The propaganda targeting Russia has been concerted and unwavering. If this were a potential indictment, there would be zero chance of justice.

We’ve been here before…………..

Amongst the mainstream, there is no dissent to a controversial or potentially dangerous international crisis and we should be worried. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. How many of the major tv news or newspaper companies opposed any of these war crimes? Much worse than that, they colluded to convince the British people that they were justified and unrelentlessly painted the leaders of all of these countries as despots. How many of them have investigated the various claims about Saddam? How many reveal the mayhem in Libya since intervention?

Look at the replacements to the deposed leaders. Iraq still doesn’t have a stable government, nearly 15 years after the invasion, Iraq is still in chaos and people are still being murdered on a daily basis as a direct result of the military action. Afghanistan, despite billions being spent on its corrupt government has made no headway. What has improved is the supply of heroin from the region. Make of that what you will. Libya is in lawless chaos for the most part. Syria, if it weren’t for the Russians and the exceptional resilience of the Syrian people would be ruled by ISIS and Al Qaeda. Both were formulated by intelligence agencies to use as proxies to attack who they want, when they want.

For the thousands and thousands of militants and extremists who claim to be part of an Islamic caliphate, sorry but you mugs have been taken for an almighty ride by the US, UK and Israeli secret services. The movement you are involved in has nothing to do with the Muslim religion and everything to do with protecting Israel. You have been systematically destroying your own rich heritage and your own people. Sadly, these drug fuelled pretenders are still oblivious, still clinging on to please their Israeli management. Every small village they try to defend is a victory for the US, UK and ultimately the Israeli’s. It’s difficult to understand how so many people could be so unequivocally duped.

Leader comparison.

Who would you rather have as your President?


President Assad, walking freely amongst the Syrian Arab Army.

These are the remarkable scenes from East Ghouta when President Assad went to visit Syrian Arab Army soldiers and refugees recently liberated by his troops. Mr Assad drove himself from Damascus to the areas recently cleansed of terrorists to thank the SAA and allies for establishing security in the war torn area.

Compared to the fakery and showmanship of Donald Trump.


… Compared to Trump and his ridiculous entourage.

Trump is somewhere in this lot, never coming into contact with real people. The comparison reiterates the clear differences of a clueless, third rate, reality tv clown with false hair and false skin colour and a President not frightened of his own people and having the decency to thank and support those that overwhelmingly elected him.

There looked to be only one security man with him, no armoured car, driving his own Honda to a place that only hours earlier had been the site of fierce battles. No bullet proof vest, just as if he were a normal individual visiting a shopping centre or similar. It would have been so easy for Mr Assad and his family to have escaped to a friendly nation when the war on Syria broke out. Despite having a host of powerful countries arming and paying vicious mercenaries to defeat him, he made the decision to try and save his country. Facing such overwhelming odds, the fake Trump would have disappeared quicker than when he dodged the draft many years ago with a very minor foot condition.

Again and again we see these useless Presidents and Prime Ministers spouting about a glorious cause – one that they never actually stood to fight for themselves and it’s always somebody else’s sons and daughters that die, never their own.

I can’t fathom out why people can’t see for themselves that these big talking politicians only ever send YOUR children into harm’s way, whilst keeping their own safely under wraps. All the phony, heartfelt pleas of why they have been forced to order the carpet bombing of country ‘x’ to rid them of their evil leader, for country ‘x’s own good!

The trembling lower lip never fooled me from as early as I can remember. They weren’t even good at it, including Ronald Reagan. Tony Blair was one of the better performers, but then again psychopaths are renowned to be excellent actors. Blair, just like Wolfowitz, Bush, Cheney and the other illusionists, still deny they did anything wrong, even though they were recorded on film announcing their wild claims. ‘I never said that!’ is the frequent response to being reminded of a quote when they were promoting war.

These lunatics keep getting away with it. A common accusation by Westerners is that Muslims are aggressive and thrive on war while completely ignoring Bush Junior’s claim that ‘God told him to do it’ and Tony Blair’s conversion to some Christian sect as soon as he was ousted as Prime Minister. How can Islam be accused of pro war fanatics and Christianity never mentioned when it’s ‘our’ leaders that are slaughtering innocent people? ‘Double standards’ isn’t a powerful enough description for Western killers.

President Assad visiting the SAA isn’t a claim to victory, it’s a message of support and thanks from the Syrian people, he’s more than aware that he has a long road to travel to even contemplate victory.


Unlike this idiot Bush He couldn’t stop himself from claiming victory only weeks into the assault on Iraq. Something like 3,000 servicemen and women would be killed and tens of thousands catastrophically injured in the preceding years and even now they still can’t claim victory. Looking at historic aftermaths, the Americans only ever partially withdraw from the county they attempt to conquer.


Locations of US bases worldwide.

The US is like a particularly odious stench. Once it’s in a place, you can’t get rid of it. Why there is any  need for them to be plastered across Europe over 70 years, after the violence ended is one of life’s mysteries.

If success is based on quality of leaders, the only way is up for the US. I still think Clinton would have been worse due to her mental health issues. Anyone that laughs over the death of another human being in the way she did, has some serious problems but the difference in the two US candidates were always marginal. The increasingly more stupid Presidential roll of honour does beg the question, ‘where will it all end?’

Is there a limit to how stupid they can go? A President that has to use twitter to announce his policies and can barely put a coherent sentence together will take a lot of beating. The real governors of the world will have to excel themselves to bring about the presidency of a more ludicrous commander in chief. Sadly and worryingly, we shouldn’t write them off.

Bashar al Assad.

Having virtually had the Presidency forced on him, President Assad has defied logic to have survived this long. If it weren’t for the death of his brother, who was being groomed to take over the presidency, Mr Assad would probably be treating eye patients, which was his speciality before events turned the way they did. In spite of Western accusations, Assad was beginning to reform the Syrian state, introducing new laws to fight corruption amongst other things. The media takes great pleasure in announcing that the Syrian democracy is flawed without explaining that the thugs they have been cheerleading for don’t actually believe in a democratic system at all. The leading terrorists believe they know what’s best for the people and a working democracy would only interfere in ideology and a fair justice system. Their crude and medieval crime and punishment laws would be the best way for suspected criminals to be judged.

I have a strong suspicion that this is one of the reasons the Syrian population appear to have ceased supporting the militants. They glimpsed into the future and didn’t particularly like what they saw. There is a lot to be said for a secular state, allowing everyone to follow their own faith while under the umbrella of a government with no religious obligation. If the West was trying to create a perfect society in which everyone would be equal, which they aren’t, the last people they would install would be the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement or their miscreant friends. They haven’t even been able to agree amongst themselves, and have constantly been reduced to armed conflict, little chance a state with 25 million citizens.


Gilad Atzmon.


The Campaign Against Antisemitism could financially ruin Gilad Atzmon, if he loses.

Gilad Atzmon has decided to fight a libel case brought by Gideon Falter, who is the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter has apparently took offence about something Gilad wrote on his blog. It would seem that litigation is the new weapon for those defending the atrocities of the Israeli state.

Here is a letter written to the Guardian in 2015.

Some 77% of British Jews say that they have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel. As if to prove the point, Friday’s letters page was a neatly arranged showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front and our polling on antisemitism was “flawed” or even concocted specially to “dovetail” with the policies of the Israeli government. Ours was not the only polling to lay bare the rising tide of antisemitism. Polling aside, 2014 was the worst year on record for antisemitic incidents. Why can some of your readers not accept the facts for what they are and address the very real problem of antisemitism, rather than supposing in spite of the evidence that it is a fiction, or that it does exist but would cease to if Jews supported Israel less? Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.
Gideon Falter
Chairman, Campaign Against Antisemitism

‘antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel’, said Mr Falter.

So this means that any criticism of Israel can be perceived as antisemitism?

showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front’

Attempts by the CAA to censor critics of Israel and supporters of BDS would suggest that there is a justifiable suspicion that the CAA are indeed closely connected to the campaign (that Israel have admitted to) attempting to contain the BDS effects.

Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.

Ah, the old ‘conspiracy theorists’ smear.

The claim of instances of antisemitism becoming more prevalent is what gets the CAA increased funds but then again, that might be regarded as a conspiracy theory. What isn’t a conspiracy theory is this. Kaydar/Kadar, unlike Ahed Tamimi, has been released on bail for his alleged antisemitic crimes that terrorised thousands of innocent victims around the world, many of them Jewish. I hope Mr Falter will be campaigning for tough sentence for this common criminal that is being treated so well by the Israeli justice system.

Quite frankly, the claims by Falter and his group include antisemitic crimes such as childish name calling, graffiti and threatening behaviour. Sadly the type of anti social behaviour many of us have to endure on a visit to the corner shop, for instance.

The CAA are also alleged to have exerted pressure on live venue owners who have hosted Gilad Atzmon, amongst others. This doesn’t appear to be a fight against antisemitism, more like an attempt to stop free speech.

Just as concerning is the fact that this clearly political group have Charitable status. What on earth is charitable about trying to silence the critics of an Israeli government that ignores international calls for justice for the Palestinians and has made Gaza in to an open air prison? How can an organisation be granted charity status under such circumstances? To conflate trying to protect Palestinian lives with antisemitism, it is Falter who is the wild conspiracy theorist.