British collusion with terrorists.

Secret British diplomatic telegram calls for an Aleppo type publicity campaign to dupe the public.

A restricted access British diplomatic telegram has revealed that the aim of the campaign in Syria is not to resolve the conflict but to try to maintain its current path, a weakened Syria that is unable to unify. One of the more shocking aspects of the document is that despite public and military support for the Kurds, the US has approved the assault on Afrin by Erdogan’s forces. This is exactly the scenario that the Kurd leaders were warned about. The US is not allied to the Kurds, they are simply using them to avoid US soldiers from dying and to block the Syrian government from taking control of their rightful assets. The Americans really are throwing the Kurds under a bus.

Other aspects of the telegram describe what many of us already knew, the UK government is using propaganda to sway public opinion regarding Assad and do so without a second thought for the many more Syrians that will die due to this policy. Every attempt to find peace in Syria will be blocked by a host of US allies and the Russians are being drawn into an Afghanistan type quagmire that will also affect those that have friendly relations with Russia.

Further revelations in the diplomatic telegram stress the need to rebrand the ISIS remnants into Kurd allies, which is exactly what the US are doing in the area East of the Euphrates river. All this information comes from a leaked document signed by Benjamin Norman and can be read here. It has been translated and is quite difficult to decipher in certain areas but the general tone of the document clear for all to see.

Benjamin Norman’s twitter feed speaks volumes. His tweet history has strong associations and praise for the White Helmets and constant criticism of Syrian and Russian efforts to bring about peace to the region. Hopefully, the media coverage that surrounds the exposure of his treachery to the British people will render him toxic and deny him the opportunity to profit from the killing of innocent civilians, whilst claiming he is trying to protect lives.

In the event that this story is a pack of lies, the historic twitter feed of Norman details exactly the same propaganda that are alleged in the diplomatic telegram. As your American friends might say, Mr Norman, this is a slam dunk. I think it’s time you had a career change.





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