Gilad Atzmon.


The Campaign Against Antisemitism could financially ruin Gilad Atzmon, if he loses.

Gilad Atzmon has decided to fight a libel case brought by Gideon Falter, who is the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter has apparently took offence about something Gilad wrote on his blog. It would seem that litigation is the new weapon for those defending the atrocities of the Israeli state.

Here is a letter written to the Guardian in 2015.

Some 77% of British Jews say that they have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel. As if to prove the point, Friday’s letters page was a neatly arranged showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front and our polling on antisemitism was “flawed” or even concocted specially to “dovetail” with the policies of the Israeli government. Ours was not the only polling to lay bare the rising tide of antisemitism. Polling aside, 2014 was the worst year on record for antisemitic incidents. Why can some of your readers not accept the facts for what they are and address the very real problem of antisemitism, rather than supposing in spite of the evidence that it is a fiction, or that it does exist but would cease to if Jews supported Israel less? Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.
Gideon Falter
Chairman, Campaign Against Antisemitism

‘antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel’, said Mr Falter.

So this means that any criticism of Israel can be perceived as antisemitism?

showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front’

Attempts by the CAA to censor critics of Israel and supporters of BDS would suggest that there is a justifiable suspicion that the CAA are indeed closely connected to the campaign (that Israel have admitted to) attempting to contain the BDS effects.

Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.

Ah, the old ‘conspiracy theorists’ smear.

The claim of instances of antisemitism becoming more prevalent is what gets the CAA increased funds but then again, that might be regarded as a conspiracy theory. What isn’t a conspiracy theory is this. Kaydar/Kadar, unlike Ahed Tamimi, has been released on bail for his alleged antisemitic crimes that terrorised thousands of innocent victims around the world, many of them Jewish. I hope Mr Falter will be campaigning for tough sentence for this common criminal that is being treated so well by the Israeli justice system.

Quite frankly, the claims by Falter and his group include antisemitic crimes such as childish name calling, graffiti and threatening behaviour. Sadly the type of anti social behaviour many of us have to endure on a visit to the corner shop, for instance.

The CAA are also alleged to have exerted pressure on live venue owners who have hosted Gilad Atzmon, amongst others. This doesn’t appear to be a fight against antisemitism, more like an attempt to stop free speech.

Just as concerning is the fact that this clearly political group have Charitable status. What on earth is charitable about trying to silence the critics of an Israeli government that ignores international calls for justice for the Palestinians and has made Gaza in to an open air prison? How can an organisation be granted charity status under such circumstances? To conflate trying to protect Palestinian lives with antisemitism, it is Falter who is the wild conspiracy theorist.


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