Blair attempting to influence from the political wilderness.

But he still doesn’t get it, the British public generally despise him.

If Blair publicly announced that he supports any given policy, it would immediately result in considerably more than half the population wanting the opposite. He still doesn’t seem to understand the feeling of contempt most of us have for him. He has been caught lying so many times that anyone believing him might as well wear the village idiot hat. His responsibility for the current Middle East carnage is even more profound than George Bush, because without his support, the dopey american President wouldn’t have had the courage to go it alone. His subsequent and inexplicable employment as the Middle East Peace Envoy was a shocking insult to all those who died as a direct result of his chaos creating policies. Inevitably and predictably, he did set up the conditions in which he would line his own pockets and still allow Israel to increase its suffocating policies towards Palestine.

Blair actually used the eight years masquerading as a peace envoy to create contacts that would accrue vast wealth for him and his parasitic family. His incessant criticism of Jeremy Corbyn only serves to increase the present Labour leaders popularity. He is unable to comprehend that Corbyn is what Labour voters thought they were getting when they elected him all those years ago. Instead they got a marginally watered down Thatcherite manifesto with a couple of morsels for those struggling to survive in society. Even his ‘minimum legal wage’ was a scam. It didn’t ensure a decent standard of living, it was actually detrimental to wage growth and continues to present day, long after the smooth talking illusionist was unceremoniously evicted from the British political scene .

Jeremy Corbyn is everything Tony Blair isn’t. He’s not conning anyone, what you see is what you get. Corbyn has remained on the back benches of the Labour Party because of fraudsters like Blair. He wants a just settlement for the Palestinians, widespread social justice, a health care system that can continue to fill the needs of the people, a foreign policy that actually does good instead of wreaking havoc on weaker nations and many other things that Tony Blair expressly doesn’t want.

Phony Tony still hasn’t realised that every press release he propagates only reminds most people what an absolute prick he is.

Jewish pro Israel groups coordinate Corbyn attacks.

The accusations that Corbyn is somehow the ringleader of a party that allows anti semitism to flourish is a risible. The individuals that are trying to bring him down have an ulterior motive and it has nothing to do with anti semitic behaviour and everything to do with silencing criticism of Israel. As I’ve said before, Corbyn doesn’t have a racist or prejudiced bone in his body. Conflating support for Palestinians as anti semitic is deliberately obscuring the distinct line between campaigning against Israeli policy and disliking Jews, simply because they are Jews.

Primary critics of Corbyn include the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. These aren’t fluffy organisations that address UK Jewish needs, they are aggressive pro Israeli groups that are on a par with the discredited American Israel lobby.

The media will support any attacks on Corbyn, no matter where it emanates from. These are well financed and organised lobby groups and a world away from local Methodist Church coffee mornings. They are political heavyweights that promote Israeli propaganda. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel is a brutal, oppressive occupier which constantly finds ways to evict Palestinians from their homes, the JLC, BoD and other similar organisations rarely criticise them.

With so many adversaries using incredibly vicious methods to end Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader, it’s difficult to see how he can survive. But just like he has remained true with his support for the Palestinians, he will show the same determination to create a Labour Party that has few similarities to the Tony Blair era.

One thing is certain, the people and organisations trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn, do not care about the UK. They only want to maintain the status quo, which is the unwavering  support for a government that denies the Palestinians a peaceful existence. Even if that means accusing us all of being anti semites.


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