Bloodthirsty Israel Defence Force relish the risk free target practice.

Planned day of action by Palestinians raises excitement level for the IDF.

This protest has been planned for a while, which has given Israel time to organise and get any prototype killing machines or new tactics honed by testing them on the unarmed crowds. Drones, chemical weapons and the favourite killing weapon for the Israelis, sniper fire. The challenge to kill a real moving Palestinian must be a thrilling prospect, even if they can’t fire back. The good thing about being a sniper is the anonymity. No one knows for sure who fired the shot. Unless they were going to investigate an unlawful killing allegation, which is unlikely, to say the least. Their forensic talents will have to wait until they want to snare a Palestinian for a crime they didn’t commit.

The US are world leaders at allowing their civilian police officers to murder members of the public at will but Israel are always challenging for top spot. This IDF soldier was heralded as a hero after he executed an incapacitated Palestinian who was laid injured on the floor.


Looking quite pleased with himself, isn’t he? He will be. He only served 7 months for the sickening execution. Meanwhile, Ahed Tamimi has been given 8 months for the heinous crime of slapping a trespassing IDF soldier, after he initially hit her.


The soldiers were trying to gain access to Tamimi’s property because it gave them a better vantage point to shoot Palestinians. Just earlier that morning Tamimi’s cousin was almost killed by a bullet.

So in that context, the clearly discriminatory military judges decided to teach the girl a lesson. One big problem with that theory. The young girl in the picture will always be a superior human being. I don’t like to refer to people in this manner but the ugly dog in the first picture really isn’t good enough to clean Tamimi’s shoes. He shouldn’t be described as human at all but unlike the general attitude amongst Israeli Jews that the Arabs are there simply to serve them, my reasoning has nothing to do with race, creed or religion.

She is intellectually superior and far more intelligent. She knows right from wrong because her parents taught her. She has never and will never kill another human being for the fun of it. He thinks he’s clever because he executed a man who was unable to even slightly resist but at some point karma will catch up with him. Tamimi will be released from prison being infinitely wiser and more able to resist the abuses of the IDF. But there is another reason why she will have the last laugh and that is because she will eventually be on the winning side. It might take a while but the treatment at the hands of gun carrying Israelis fresh out of school will simply make them stronger and more resilient. The Israelis are deluded if they think that after over seventy years of ill treatment, discrimination, torture, water deprivation and goodness knows what else will suddenly make them surrender. It won’t, it makes them stronger.

The thousands of Palestinian protesters know they have a target on their back. They accept that they might not journey back from their lawful protest over human rights, civil liberties and right of return. That doesn’t mean they are deliberately walking into death, it means they are brave enough to risk it for their liberty.

Propaganda relating to a death wish is unjustified but they know that death is a possibility and accept their fate. There are already 17 martyrs and dozens injured, like I said, for the IDF, an environment where they can safely kill, without the possibility of any dangers to themselves makes them feel invincible.

When Netanyahu takes the opportunity to be a war Prime Minister, in order to avoid domestic corruption charges, the IDF won’t be so confident. They have no stomach for a fight when their opponents are capable of doing them harm. The Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are battle ready. The IDF normally encounters an enemy with no guns. Yes, they have superior weaponry and air superiority but Hezbollah might already have portable air defence missiles and without a guaranteed air safety, they have been largely ineffective on the ground.

Until then, I salute the incredible resilience of the Palestinian people. There is only one winner in the battle between good and evil, the patience of the indigenous people will prevail and conquer.

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