Sergeant Tonroe.

“Sgt Tonroe fought to protect British values, our freedoms and to keep us back at home safe”

Whilst not wishing to offend the memory of a man unable to respond to my comments and with genuine sympathy for the family of Mr Tonroe, I cannot let the official remarks about ‘keeping us back at home safe’ pass me by without contesting them. This isn’t a personal attack on a man I never knew, this is an attack on the spineless cowards that sent him there.

Syria could have been ‘our business’. If the UK had seriously wanted to reduce radical and extremist rodents that attach themselves to Islam when in fact, it couldn’t be further away from it, they failed. Sending our troops (as it has turned out) to Syria and without approval from its President, was a grave mistake. Sneaking in under a blanket of vague UN resolutions was an immoral, if not criminal move and those that authorised it are directly responsible for his death. Quite simply he shouldn’t have been there.

Some may argue that he was their under some sort of UN responsibility to protect resolution. Recent examples of our interference under UN mandates haven’t ended too well, have they? We aren’t helping, we are interfering to try to create outcomes that are favourable to our country. In Syria I would go further and claim that our interference was there from the beginning, to try to oust Assad. We didn’t care what the people of Syria would endure, just like we didn’t in Iraq and Libya, just like we won’t if Iran are attacked, we really don’t give a fuck, so let’s cut the humanitarian bullshit.

Wanting a favourable outcome for the UK? That means creating business opportunities on the back of other people’s misery. To give some company CEO in London an extra few million bonus, hundreds of thousands need to die? Of course, after we create piles of dust and rubble were beautiful houses once stood, we’ll need to offer our engineering services and property building expertise. Let’s not forget about rearming and retraining the snivelling bastards that just did the majority of the dirty work. Call James le Mesurier.

Excellent opportunities to improve the oil industry could be performed by ‘our’ companies with so much experience and fortunately, they are all ready and waiting to ‘help you’. These psychopaths who shamelessly lobby for contracts, knowing that many people will die because of ‘favourable outcomes’, disgust me. My government disgusts me. They are a club of deranged, self righteous bigots with total disregard to anyone else.

Did we think we could influence the criminal extremists that call themselves ISIS and Al Nusra? No we wanted to make sure they succeeded. Did the British military offer humanitarian help to beleaguered Syrians who had been tortured and enslaved because they were the wrong religion? No. Worse than that, we actually attacked the soldiers that were defending them.

We offered air support, intelligence and logistics to the very same kind of people that destroyed lives at Manchester Arena. Salman Abdeli’s family were nurtured and protected to be active in the eventual removal of Gadaffi. The extremists in Syria are of the very same ideology and Sergeant Tonroe was sent to assist them. Reap what you sow and all that, but for all I know Mr Tonroe may have had a very good moral compass and genuinely want to help. The military will convert that good will into something they can use, not you.

RIP Sgt Tonroe.

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