Goldstein threatens Corbyn.


The letter effectively instructs Corbyn to get in line or suffer the consequences.

Jonathan Goldstein’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn praises him for finally getting on one knee but notifies him that he has to do much more before he can consider himself redeemed. Allowing the JLC to oversee and monitor anti semitism accusations is tantamount to giving away any control over the process of discipline in the Labour Party. Goldstein’s outrageous demands would take away the democratically decided regulations agreed by the party. A foreign agent cannot be allowed to control the inner workings of a major political movement in the UK. Corbyn is being informed that the final decision on guilt or innocence of a suspected transgression be left solely in the hands of Goldstein and his cronies. He is addressing Corbyn like a school teacher would a pupil who was running an after school club.

Quite apart from this fabricated, exaggeration of anti semitism in the UK and specifically the Labour Party, the anti Corbyn drive has fortunately partially concealed the extreme crimes going on in Gaza.

Because of the current anti semitism row being covered extensively in our media, it would appear that there isn’t much room left to report on events at the containment fences in Gaza. Perhaps this is why I haven’t been able to find your unequivocal condemnation of IDF snipers picking off protesters, killing eighteen and injuring hundreds more. I would assume such an eminent person as yourself, a man who takes offence at the spoken or written word has made a statement with regards to the slaughter in Gaza? Snipers bullets are much more deadly than insults.

Comparing Gaza to a situation where events spiral out of control in a riot like scenario are null and void. The snipers were set up before the well publicised event started. Which brings me to the timing of recent attacks on Corbyn and the Labour Party. My intuition tells me that Corbyn has been conveniently gagged for the most part, offering only a meek condemnation rather than an impassioned plea on behalf of the Palestinians, which we would normally expect. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what happens when large numbers of Palestinians congregate in one area.

The moral compass is subjective and can have varying degrees of empathy. The absence of a Gaza crisis report on the JLC website despite an up to the minute running commentary on Corbyn’s every word, exposes the JLC agenda. The meticulous investigation of each tweet or social media comment, not just of Corbyn but anyone associated with him, is headline news. So obsessed with bringing down Corbyn, the JLC never bothers to look a bit nearer the claimed ‘ancestral home’.

From the Antisemitic Incident report in 2015 there were hundreds of very minor, almost childlike examples of petty name calling. This isn’t to say it isn’t hurtful but people in all walks of life suffer exactly the same anti social behaviour every day but for different reason. From that year there was one anti semitic attack described as  extreme violence in the UK, here is the description.

London, February: A white male with an East European accent attacked a man on
a London Underground train. He asked for money and then shouted “you f**king Jews”, “f**king Jewish b*****d”, “get off my train you f**king Jewish b*****d” while punching the man repeatedly in the face. The Police told CST that the assault would be treated as GBH. However when the offender was arrested he was instead dealt with under the mental health act. The victim of this incident was not Jewish.

Acts of extreme violence on the Jewish community in the UK are thankfully very rare but I condemn them just as I condemn acts of violence for every victim, at home or abroad, from state sponsored terrorism , domestic violence or for whatever reason.

Mr Goldstein’s forensic examination of Jeremy Corbyn’s past and present statements are meticulous. His criticism of Israel will be easy to find, just like the outrage at any acts of violence. Promotion of any racism, prejudice or hatred toward any community or people will not be found. He has fought tirelessly throughout his career against discrimination. If Mr Goldstein wants a better world for all of us, he could do no better than look closely at the real hardship being faced every day by (effective) prisoners in the blockaded and locked ‘tight shut’ establishment called Gaza.

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