John Woodcock, Labour MP majority of 209 votes.

Woodcock continues to stab Corbyn in the back while the BoD maintain their suffering is significantly worse than that of the Palestinians.

Jeremy Corbyn visited a synagogue to celebrate a Jewish event but it seems he doesn’t associate with the correct type of Jews for Woodcock. A scathing attack by the MP elected by the skin of his teeth and a vocal critic of Corbyn throughout his leadership, Woodcock should try to appreciate the depth of feeling toward Corbyn, which is in stark contrast to his own views.

Voters see that unlike the vast majority of politicians, Corbyn has integrity and to claim such a mild mannered man could harbour secret hatred of Jews is clutching at straws. While Woodcock is using the smear to oust Corbyn the JLC and BoD merely want to bring him under control. Woodcock only recently claimed that he was about to quit the Labour Party and become an independent representative. Close the door on your way out John. If you are typical of the anti Corbyn resentment in the party, you should invite some of your friends with you. You need to start looking at alternative employment too. Maybe like Gillian Merron, you might get a job in promoting Israel, considering your past chair of the Labour Friends of Israel.

This tweet proves the BoD are a pro Israel propaganda organisation.

Meanwhile the BoD tweeted this:


This is blatant propaganda that exposes the BoD as apologists for the Israeli government. It was a policy by Netanyahu and his goons that arranged dozens of IDF snipers in position to pick off peaceful, unarmed protesters who are trying to inform the world that they have been ethnically cleansed. The BoD lays the blame at the victims door, showing a picture of Palestinians at the internment fence but not the long line of snipers that have been killing them, so I will.

Israeli soldiers are seen next to the border fence on the Israeli side of the border with the northern Gaza Strip

How can this organisation be regarded as respectable enough to hold the moral high ground and criticise Jeremy Corbyn for anti semitism? Even if he was guilty, which he isn’t, how can this propaganda outlet, the BoD, claim that Corbyn’s ties to anything remotely anti semitic can be compared with their clear approval of IDF snipers executing Palestinians?

The JLC and BoD are foreign agents and should be dealt with as such. Mainstream media is a compliant and willing accessory to the air brushing over of Israeli crimes. Incessant complaining about anti semitism always overshadows the real tragedy of innocent Palestinians being slaughtered under the cover of their spurious claims.

A question we ought to continually ask is this:

Is it more difficult to be a Palestinian living under the oppression of an occupier, daily checkpoints, military justice, lack of real opportunities, settler violence or a few snide remarks from uneducated bigots with their anti semitism?

If you really believe that anti semitism is more of a stain on the world’s conscience than the murderous IDF killing Palestinians at will, without ever being held accountable, then you are as racist, prejudiced and exceptionalist as the regime and it’s criminal supporters in Israel.

The largely uncritical organisations such as JLC and BoD are vitally important to distract attention away from the daily killings and torture of the Palestinians. When they stop being the propaganda arm of the Israeli government, then we should start taking the claims of anti semitism seriously.

The current agenda by pro Israeli organisations in the UK are screaming ‘anti semitism!!’ so that we don’t hear the genuine pain and anguish of the victims who were caught in the sights of an IDF snipers rifle.

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