A distant threat.

Images suggest that the threat from Palestinian stone throwers is a complete fabrication.


Israeli suggestions that the IDF or infact Israel itself is facing an imminent threat from overwhelmingly unarmed Palestinian protesters are put into perspective when you see the distances the ‘superhuman’ Palestinians would have to propel a missile. Even if the Palestinian protesters were made up from Olympians, they wouldn’t be close to spanning the gap between them and the IDF. When you consider the extremely high barbed wire fence as well, any attempt to get a projectile over would be futile. Moreover, why haven’t we seen the injuries caused by the stones over the years they have been considered a weapon?

The mainstream media have insinuated that the shootings are in response to violence but the protesters have no means to inflict injury on the distant IDF snipers.

The initial reporting of the mass killings and injuries concentrated on the flag waving, face painted Palestinian crowds as if they were about to invade Israel without a gun between them. Explanations are by way of Israeli officials, who try to insert the words ‘Hamas’ and ‘terrorists’ into the statement as many times as possible. The compliant media will never question the Israeli spokesperson, no matter how unbelievable the scenario is. There is an overwhelming sense of, ‘it’s their own fault, for being there’.

The blockade is never mentioned in detail. Many times, it will be explained that Israel removed 8,000 people from 21 settlements and they were repaid with rocket and mortar fire. Only one year after the withdrawal from Gaza, a blockade was initiated on these grounds:

From Wikipedia.

The stated reason was that Hamas would not agree to the conditions for continued aid: to recognize Israel, disavow violent actions, and accept the previous agreements between Israel and the PA.

The page claims that Hamas seized power by military force but they had won an election and also received a warning that Fatah was going to ignore these results and assume control by force. Hamas simply overwhelmed the US financed attempt to subvert democracy, which is ironic considering the claims by the US of ‘spreading democracy’. They only want to do this if the side they support wins. If not, they will try to find a way to discredit the winners by smear or accusations of corruption.

The demand for Hamas to recognise Israel is as blatant an example of hypocrisy as you will find. Israel not only fails to recognise a Palestinian state, it stops them from creating one through military superiority.

It’s difficult to show the bias in the media because it’s not so much what they do say but more about what they don’t. Why would Gaza resistance suddenly decide to fire rockets into Israel? There would be no logical answer if you disregard the fact that it could be a response to provocation.

The falsehood that there is some kind of crazy Muslim mentality that enjoys conflict and the prospect of death is just that. Martyrdom is acknowledged when fighting for an honourable cause and the claims that it is effectively a death wish mentality is untrue. In my experience Muslims have the same hopes and aspirations as everyone else. The removal of hope from the people of Gaza (and Palestine in general) would have the same effect on us as it does on them. For a parent to see their child without any chance of progressing or any hope of a successful career would be difficult to take. The vast majority of people in Gaza face a daily fight for survival. They don’t know when the next attack from Israel will be inflicted.

When did the BBC ever inform us of what is restricted from entering Gaza? The only thing they might have admitted is that building materials are prohibited. When the most recent Israel attack reduced to rubble 18,000 homes, that creates a huge problem. Not only for those who have no home, but for the many construction workers who could earn a living but are instead unemployed. The blockade creates many issues that have knock on effects and the Israelis know what they are doing. They are actively forcing (by restriction and containment) all of Gaza inhabitants to slowly succumb to an existence that we in the West can’t possibly imagine.

The pro Israeli groups that squeal incessantly about Boycott, Divest and Sanctions never condemn their own BDS on Gaza. These constraints are far more punishing than the BDS organisation could ever want to inflict on Israel. Pro Palestinians have no intention

The whole argument is mixed up in claims of anti semitism when in fact many of us who support Palestinians don’t want the mirror effect being created on Israel, we just want the miserable lives that are being deliberately inflicted on the Palestinians to be stopped.

In recent days, many high profile critics have attacked Jeremy Corbyn. These people are never affected by anti semitism, the vast majority of people have no idea or are not concerned about who is Jewish and who isn’t. They don’t care, never mind harbour hatred. The pro Israeli groups are attempting to highlight an anti semitism that doesn’t exist and then use that non existent prejudice to silence those that demand the right for Palestinians to live a normal life.

Returning to the JLC and BoD, these groups should be banned in this country, not because they are Jewish groups but because their agenda is primarily to protect Israel and not to assist Jews here that are in need of support. They aren’t concerned about Jews who are facing hardship, these people cannot see beyond deflecting criticism away from Israel. This is the only reason for their existence. They are the British version of the US Israel lobby.

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