Syria: Trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Idiot Trump attempts to save his terrorist assets in Douma.

Surrounded by the Syrian Arab Army, Douma is alleged to be the location for another ‘Assad chemical attack’. The claim is so ridiculous it doesn’t require investigation. If we believe Western media and governments, just like the Skripal poisoning, convictions don’t require real evidence. The conclusion for the Salisbury nerve agent was based on circumstantial evidence so let’s test the latest chemical weapons attack using the same approach.

Douma was surrounded by government troops and on the verge of capitulation.

So who would benefit by the CW attack? Certainly not the Syrian government, they held all the aces. It made absolutely no stategical sense to inflame Western governments with yet another alleged attack. Could the terrorists avert their own demise by staging an atrocity? No, but they were completely out of options. Another problem for the extremist cowards holed up in Douma was that they have nowhere really to go. In-fighting amongst their terrorists allies means they aren’t very popular. There have also been strong rumours that US and UK special forces have been trapped inside Douma and the two governments are desperately trying to find a way out for them.

Trump’s curious tweet.

In a tweet shortly after the event Donald Trump tweeted this:

Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!

Open area immediately? The surrounded region has been bombarding the Syrian capital Damascus for years, killing thousands of innocent civilians and Trump wants the area opened up? Maybe this would allow US and UK agents to escape capture and the obvious embarrassment and diplomatic fallout. The ‘coalition’ would be caught with their hands in the till, with no reasonable explanation as to why they were there. Here is a video where the participants discuss a Chinese analysis of the current situation.
The presenter and his guest are at pains to stress that this information is from Chinese sources, therefore neutral and the conversation reveals some shocking details of the ‘coalition’ defeat and their repeated climb downs related to Russian threats of severe retaliation. Some experts believe the attack on the T4 Base in Syria last night was engineered by Israeli forces to avert major confrontation between super powers.
The video goes on to suggest that dozens of US and UK forces have been killed in supporting terrorist elements in Syria and that some British forces had to wear women’s clothing to escape. It claims the Skripal poisoning accusations resulted from the UK humiliation in Syria.
The clip also supports my view with regards Trump’s wording from his twitter account. If the contents of the discussion are true, it also shows the commitment of the Russian government. A number of pro Syrians have had grave doubts about Russia’s lack of decisive action in response to US and UK provocation but the indications are that Putin is much more ahead of the game than his coalition counterparts and that his patience is reaping rewards without escalating to all out war.

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