The Skripal conspiracy and what it means to us.

It’s looking increasingly obvious that we have all been fooled by this elaborate hoax.

Reports are surfacing today that claim Yulia Skripal has been released from hospital, being debriefed by British authorities before being given a new identity so that she can ‘disappear’, like a ghost in the night. Many analysts are conflating the Salisbury poisoning and the current Syrian chemical weapon allegations but I was sceptical and couldn’t see any real connection. That has all changed now that it has become clear that Miss Skripal intends staying in the UK under a different identity.

The aim was to demonise Russia and unequivocally tie them to chemical weapons so that the general public make the connection:

Syria + Russia = Absolutely conclusive proof of chemical weapon using rogue states.

The diplomatic fall out was to bring back (supposedly) valuable assets in Russia, in case the war escalates from the locality of Syria, into a worldwide conflict.

Everything is finally making sense and it doesn’t look good. Israel knew it was coming, that is why they took the opportunity to kill 31 and injure 2,500, knowing that the Russian veto at the UN would overshadow the US veto to investigate Israel.

Russia has stated on numerous occasions that they are integrated into every level of the Syrian military and therefore one cannot be targeted without killing the other. If that happens, Russia have promised reprisals. If Russia don’t respond to what is being described as a huge assault on Syria, they will be regarded as weak, if they do respond it opens the door to the final war.

This isn’t going to be 59 Tomahawk missiles. The US and UK are going to fritter billions of dollars worth of military hardware onto the people of Syria in what will be a devastating attack. They had lost the war to remove Assad, now Syria will pay the price.

The writing is on the wall and we are unable to stop the lunatic in the White House, supported by a British poodle and a compromised Frenchman.

It’s quite surreal as everything falls into place and it becomes clear what is happening before our eyes. Despite an increasingly suspicious British public, the government carried on with the unbelievable Skripal fantasy and now it looks like they are both assets of the British intelligence services, being employed to smear Putin and the Russian people.

All I can suggest is to contact your local MP and demand a vote before we get involved in any action against Syria – We are effectively declaring war on Russia. Do you think the US will be concerned when the Russians sink the HMS Great Britain (or should it be USS Great Britain?)

Maybe it won’t come to this but I genuinely fear for Syria. A brave and valiant resistance against US/UK/Israel led terrorists has been an epic battle of survival, which looks like being undone by a host of raving lunatics that have no respect for ordinary people and if the shit hits the fan, they will be underground and ironically, will survive to die of old age.

Another irony of all this is that Syria and Russia have both given up all chemical weapons under the watchful eye of the OPCW.

Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted much of this, I hope I have. Nothing will please me more than if I end up looking an absolute plum for writing this article.

Carlson Tucker is the only high profile presenter that is revealing the truth.

The only thing I would contest is Carlson’s conclusion that Assad is capable of an attack using chemical weapons. Carlson’s expression when listening to Roger Wicker’s lies, is a picture. He then goes on to rip the Senators logic to pieces by simply stating the facts. This video should be spread far and wide by anyone that values both the international rule of law and the right to remove terrorism from their towns and cities. The remarks by refugees flooding out of  the terrorist run parts of Syria is compelling evidence that these thugs have been terrorising them and holding them as human shields.


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