Led to war by a fool.

UK await a decision by the lunatic in the White House.

The pathetic UK government are waiting for the nod from Trump to bring even more carnage on Syria because of allegations relating to the use of chemical weapons. None of the previous claims have been confirmed and in each case there has been no logical or strategical reason to use them. The first time the Russians mediated to get rid of all Syrian chemical weapons, which the OPCW oversaw. The reason they had them in the first place was because their troublesome neighbour, Israel had (and still holds) vast quantities. The OPCW had no reservations regarding the removal and destruction by the US. Syria denied any involvement aside from the fact that many of their soldiers died in the terrorist attack.

The second claim was responded to by Trump, with 59 cruise missiles being fired at a Syrian air base. One of the ‘primary witnesses’, a doctor interviewed at the local hospital called Shajul Islam is a suspected terrorist who had been involved with the kidnapping of numerous journalists and aid workers before being allowed to return to Syria by the UK intelligence services. This was barely reported by the BBC and was only available in two year old editions of newspapers due to his court case collapsing. John Cantlie (the main prosecution witness) had returned to the region and was seized for a second time. He had already escaped being kidnapped once before.

The recent accusation, just like the others, are similarly shrouded in terrorist activities and their motives. This time it’s Jaish al-Islam, a notorious group of terrorists that are so extreme, even their fellow terrorist in Idlib despise them. They have apparently been moved to a location near there but their ‘colleagues’ have sworn to destroy them.

Ill feeling amongst the various groups is widespread but the venom reserved for Jaish al-Islam is particularly fierce and I believe there is a perfectly good reason for this. There have been rumours about US, British and Israeli special services infiltrated into terrorist groups since the war began but just as in Aleppo during that siege, Douma has also been rife with whispers of outside assistance to the terrorists. It’s claimed that the last pocket remaining in East Ghouta, controlled by Jaish al-Islam was also holding ‘foreign advisors’. If that was the case, it’s quite clear why the group is so unpopular. They are either considered to be a fabricated organisation designed by Western intelligence to do their bidding or they have actually been working side by side with the agencies that have been meddling in Syrian affairs. In other words Jaish al-Islam are considered to be traitors.  

During the cleansing of East Ghouta, SAA and its allies have found at least one chemical weapons factory built by the terrorists, needless to say, the mainstream media haven’t uttered a word about this warehouse that was abandoned as the Syrian government forces moved in.

I refer regularly to the OPCW but that’s not to say it’s an organisation that can be trusted. Ahmet Üzümcü is the Director-General of the organisation and is from Turkey. Erdogan’s hatred of Assad and Üzümcü’s relationship with him, if there is one, is not clear. The composition of the executive council changes on May 12th this year, the members are from a wide international consensus but their conclusions from the Khan Sheikhoun CW allegations were riddled with inconsistencies and, by their own admission, the control of the samples from the site were not kept under their own ‘chain of custody’ rules. That means there is no way of knowing if the evidence is credible. Their official report on Khan Sheikhoun is therefore nothing but tainted propaganda that could not be used in a court of law and casts serious doubts about their general authenticity.

It appears at the moment as if Theresa May is resisting attempts to take a vote in the British parliament, regarding Syria. Calls from all sides have been ignored, probably due to David Cameron’s failure to get approval the last time there was a vote. It will be a serious mistake if there is a large scale attack on Syria (which seems most likely the longer they take to plan it). The lies and ‘faulty intelligence’ from previous atrocities haven’t taught us anything. This attack is being built on claims by a terrorist group closely affiliated with Al Qaeda. Of course that group have never actually existed. It was the name given to them by the intelligence community and referred to ‘the base’, a list of terrorist suspects from around the world. It was designed and constructed by shady government lackeys, just like Jaish al-Islam have been. This is the reason the other terrorists have vowed to destroy them and the reason why the governments of US and UK trust their claims so much. They are security service assets and for this reason alone, appear to have such influence in creating yet another atrocity on a Muslim majority nation.

The common theme with all these baseless accusations is that US and UK are deliberately using extremely disreputable, unreliable and unbelievable sources in an attempt to get popular approval for attacking Syria. Shajul Islam, Jaish al-Islam and the White Helmets are just about as untrustworthy as you could get.

No war in Syria on behalf of terrorists.

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