Alison McGovern MP – Ill informed or simply lying?

Your speech in the House of Commons recently was littered with inconsistencies and propaganda. They cannot go unanswered.

As I’ve said before, it’s very difficult to correspond with a British Member of Parliament unless you live in the actual area that that have been elected in. For this reason, I have no way to contact Alison McGovern (Wirral South, Labour Party) directly. For all I know, she could be an extremely dedicated woman who is a very good representative for her constituency.

The White Helmets.

Despite your good friend Jo Cox being a supporter of Palestine, sadly she was conned by a formidable media machine when she became a supporter of the White Helmets. Vanessa Beeley has researched tirelessly and discovered the reality that they are to all intent and purpose, affiliated very closely with the banned terrorist group, Al Nusra. Even if you don’t regard Beeley’s systematic exposure of the White Helmets, independent research will uncover dozens of social media accounts where members of the group have uploaded incriminating evidence. Despite claims of ‘bad apples’ by the groups leadership, evidence suggests a close and consistent association with the terrorists. This isn’t an attack on someone unable to contest my claims, at the time that Jo Cox sadly lost her life, little was known about the White Helmets.

Barrel bombs.

If, and by no means is it confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, barrel bombs have been frequently used by President Assad’s forces, is it any less civilised than waging war with the ‘hell cannon’s’ used by the opposition? Both are brutal but so is war. Considering the Assad government are alleged to have used these missiles thousands of times, there appears very sketchy evidence to support it, on the other hand, searching youtube for ‘hell cannon’ produces a plethora of examples.

Millions of people displaced in Syria.

Now, either you are unaware or wilfully ignorant as to where the vast majority of displaced civilians are living in Syria? I’ll deduce the former. They are actually under the protection of government forces and I include many religious minorities that fled the ‘moderate rebels’ in imminent fear for their lives. The Syrian Arab Army have protected Alawites, Shia and others who have been hunted down by the very people our government has been actively supporting. This isn’t accusations or conjecture, it’s fact. The two towns called al-Fu’ah and Kefriya have been under siege and had many atrocities inflicted on them, again, by moderate rebels. If it weren’t for pro government forces resisting the constant attacks, both these areas would be ethnically cleansed in the most gruesome manner imaginable.

I would also like to add that there is only one side that has persistently and deliberately targeted civilians, the rebels. In Damascus alone, over 11,000 innocents have perished in attacks by the people who have just been routed by the government in East Ghouta. In comparison every effort by the government has been made to avoid civilian deaths. Why do you think there have been so many agreements that allow the terrorists to move to other areas? The sole purpose is to avoid more bloodshed and damage to infrastructure. By using tactics that avoid the threat to the civilian population, many Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been sacrificed. Compare this to the deliberate demolition of 18,000 homes in Gaza, of which there was hardly a murmur from you or you honourable friends.

A no fly zone.

Have you any idea what environment a no fly zone creates? I can show you – Libya. A totally destroyed infrastructure, ruled by warring militia, a living hell. This was created by a ‘no fly zone’. Effectively, it gives allied air forces over to the protection of the most heinous terrorists and allows their sectarian and racist genocide to go unhindered. Many Africans were slaughtered after the demise of Gaddafi, and just as he predicted, Europe has been inundated with African immigrants as a direct result. Libya used to be friendly to the people of poorer African nations, now it is far too dangerous to contemplate.

Aid access.

The fundamental problems concerning aid has been terrorist ‘hoarding ‘, then selling at extortionate prices. From every liberated region the same stories of barbaric behaviour by the allies ‘moderate rebels’. The civilian population are being starved by the very people WE are supporting. You promote an aid budget? You are having a laugh, the type of aid that the British have supplied are the White Helmets and the Syrians can do without it, thank you very much!

Humanitarian corridors? The Syrian and Russian governments continue to create such places. Unfortunately, the ‘moderate rebels’ seem to take great enjoyment in using snipers to execute those brave enough to try to escape. So far as bringing in immediate aid to the population when it’s safe to do so, we will have to be quick. Time and time again, Russian relief is there almost instantaneously for medical and other needs. ‘WE’ haven’t done anything except supply the ‘moderate rebels’ with non lethal supplies (whatever they are) and the criminal agency known as the White Helmets. Incidentally, on liberation of an area that was once littered with these frauds, don’t you find it just a little suspicious that they have all fled in the Green Buses? Do you listen to the liberated people and what they have to say about them? It’s not complimentary.

The ‘SWIFT’ system.

Did you stop and think for a minute who will be most adversely affected by this exclusion? No, I didn’t think so.

Our vision for Syria???

No vision. Blind, just as we are now to the reality of Syrian suffering. They haven’t had anything but hinderance from us so far. The last thing they will want if peace breaks out is ‘our help’.


Sanctions by the US (and UK for all I know) are already taking a terrible toll. When Madeline Albright was asked about the cost in lives in Iraq by our sanctions, she said it was a price worth paying’. 500,000 people died before a bomb was dropped in Iraq because of sanctions, the vast majority of them children after we stopped selling them medicines for relatively common ailments and diseases.

Syrian groups in the UK.

Let’s just go back to Libya for a moment. There was vibrant group of Libyans, living in Manchester, as well as other places. Many of these people had fled from Gaddafi in fear of their lives. One such married couple were the parents of a certain Mr Salman Ramadan Abedi. I’m all for giving refugees safety from political persecution but intelligence services knew all about the Libyans constant flights to their homeland and back, yet did nothing. Political groups that are re-established in liberal countries such as our own can be recipients of an unwanted thank you. Abedi blew 22 people up in the Arena as way of thanking the UK for saving his parents.

Gracious at last.

I’m sure the Syrian people will be eternally grateful that you and the honourable members maintain it is their choice who leads them. I wonder if you can tell them why you and in particular, the government, have tried every method they could to deprive them of that choice. Ideally, Presidency shouldn’t be handed down through a family but the Syrian people have voted overwhelmingly for President Assad, evident by the fact that a massive majority of Syrians opt to live under government control, whenever they are given the choice. It is only the ‘moderate rebels’, along with the White Helmets (after they removed their uniforms, obviously) who get in those air conditioned buses, to wherever they wish. Such a well mannered butcher, Mr Assad is, isn’t he?

Syrian refugees.

The Syrian government are increasing control more every day, what makes you think Syrians are looking to escape persecution from the country? Syria is and always will be secular whilst President Assad is in control. He is so highly thought of, directly because of this fact. Idlib is close to Turkey, it is the favourite destination for most of the terrorists. A quick journey to the Turkish border gives these people easy access to Europe. Many of the terrorists originate from Europe, what do you think they will do when they start to come back? Rescind their previous anti social behaviour? Reintegrate as if they haven’t got hands lathered in innocent victims blood? Become perfect examples to the rest of us?

Whatever they do, just remember Abedi, and don’t expect the intelligence agencies to protect us. Despite all the alarm bells ringing, they were fast asleep, despite the ever expanding ‘security’ budget.

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