Headlines dominated by Syria – The perfect cover for Israel.

The criminal Zionist regime take advantage of distraction to kill four more Palestinians including a 15 year old boy.

The Independent.

Gunfire from Israeli soldiers across a border fence killed four Palestinians, including a 15-year-old boy, and wounded more than 150 others, health officials said, as several thousand people in blockaded Gaza staged a fourth round of weekly protests on the border with Israel.

One of the critical aspects to this slaughter is the lack of context and absence of danger for any IDF soldier. The Palestinians are behind a multi-layered incarceration system. The Israelis involved in the ‘gunfire’ are actually using high powered sniper rifles and picking off protesters with illegal bullet rounds. They are designed to create life changing injuries, so that the recipients might survive the wounds but never recover.

The disgusting tactics will never be revealed by mainstream media. Neither will the nature or need for such protests. The economic strangulation is just one aspect. Lack of hope and severe restrictions on all aspects of human development aren’t tangible, thus even less likely to be reported on than the physical damage being deliberately inflicted.

The protesters, despite the anger, are largely peaceful, the occasion being to highlight their plight and the misery in which they are being held. Many that have been shot are, to all intent and purpose, enjoying an event, much like any other political rally. Except the right to protest for Palestinians carries a much greater risk than any of us can imagine. Make no mistake, this isn’t your average bloodthirsty bunch of IDF, terrorising Palestinians, these killings are executions. They were selected because they are snipers. They were specifically equipped with the very best weaponry. This is one of the most clinical, well planned, murderous campaigns committed by a (wrongly described) civilised government, ever perpetrated.

Did the Nazis have snipers on the watchtowers randomly selecting victims inside the camps during world war two? I can recall claims of many other crimes but not this one specifically. I suspect that the Israelis are far more imaginative than the Nazis were.

These executions will have been carefully planned since the month of protest was announced. I can picture a slavering Netanyahu at the prospect of killing and maiming so many Palestinians.

Stephen Sackur totally humiliated by Sergey Lavrov.

Despite Mr Lavrov not being a natural born English speaker, his total and comprehensive destruction of Sackur’s attempts to embarrass him fail spectacularly. The whole interview is worth watching but one particular exchange sums up my primary subject in this article.

At one point Sackur mentions that the supply of S300 air defence weapons to Syria would cause great consternation to the Israelis. Why would that be?

The S300 is purely a DEFENSIVE type of military hardware. They are not an offensive weapon, only being useful to defend a state from air attack, usually by fighter jets or aerial bombardment. The Israelis, by being extremely vocal in its criticism of Russia for selling them to Syria, give the game away.

Israel demands their neighbours are defenceless, so that when they are, Israel can do what they like to them. Russia should supply the S300 to Syria, without delay.



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