Media collusion with Western regimes and the truth about ISIS.

Sky News: Russia parades Douma witnesses.

Allowing alleged victims the opportunity to reveal the truth is ‘parading’ them, according to Sky News. I would say it’s the ‘right of reply’ after they were drenched in water by unknown persons, not medical staff and were clearly confused and probably scared by the unfounded claims of a gas attack. Of course, they shouldn’t need to clarify what happened in Douma, the footage was clearly an attempt to paint a particular picture of events, by people with covered faces, even though medics in the very same room had uncovered faces. Detailed analysis of the video would have drawn the obvious conclusion that it was a crude attempt to portray a bogus chemical weapons attack, using similar tactics to those previously used (Khan Sheikhoun).

The combined intelligence of the US, UK and French governments (and opposition parties) were unable to see the glaring inconsistencies.

For three Western governments to accept the evidence of a grainy video or two and then perpetrate an act of war on this basis is extremely worrying. Surely, they can’t be so stupid? No, they can’t and to fire over a hundred cruise missiles at a country on the back of ‘social media’ accusations is unbelievable. To think that the public would not protest about it isn’t so unbelievable, we seldom complain about our military machine murdering in foreign lands. Khan Sheikhoun, Skripal poisoning and the White Helmet fairytales gives them the confidence their outlandish claims will be supported by the mainstream media. Investigative journalism? A thing of the past.

A long list of journalists attempting to uncover the truth have ended in mystery surrounded deaths. Mainstream media act as one voice, there are no left leaning newspapers anymore. Here in the UK, each in depth television daily news report is almost an exact copy of the other primary channels.

The vast majority of reports from the Middle East are written in Beirut, especially concerning Syria. The ‘knowledgeable’ voices you hear are far from any danger, living in the lap of luxury at some 5 star hotel.

Western governments aren’t dependant on these people writing what they want. They already know that they will support every attack on President Assad and try to ignore every Palestinian death at the hand of an IDF sniper. The collusion is a done deal.

The impossible task of eradicating ISIS.

US, UK and French governments have insisted they will leave Syria when they have eradicated ISIS. The problem is, you cannot eradicate an ideology, so the claim is spurious. And why would the creators of that ideology want it to be killed off anyhow? If ISIS or whatever you want to call them had any relation to Islamic teachings, they wouldn’t have used drugs, had sex slaves or indeed slaughtered anyone who didn’t adhere to their particularly barbaric interpretation of their faith. They are a fraud, designed by the West to do their dirty work for them and have been an absolute ‘Godsend’ to Israel.

A Zionist construct called ISIS.

If the Tel Aviv regime had been able to design their own trouble causers in the Middle East region, it would be a carbon copy of ISIS. How about that for a coincidence? How many times have the ‘Jihadist’ groups answered the cries of the Palestinian people, their supposed brothers and sisters, during the last seven years of conflict in Syria? They are literally on the Israel and occupied Golan borders and they have barely fired a single shot at the Zionist entity.

Why would the country that has taken in hundreds of thousands of expelled refugees over the years be a target for ISIS and yet those guilty of driving them out, be left alone? Have we heard condemnation of Israel whilst it has been injuring over 3,000 Palestinians and killing over thirty from ISIS? How many caliphate statements have condemned Israel over the last seven years of war in Syria despite their constant bombings of Muslims? Where is ISIS solidarity with oppressed Muslims?

There is none, because they aren’t an Islamic organisation. They are a Western designed proxy force created purely to PROTECT Israel from its perceived enemies.

What have ISIS done for Muslims?

What would happen if Syria fell tomorrow? ISIS would then free the Palestinians from the brutal Zionist occupation? Not on your life, they would proceed to cause chaos in Lebanon and completely ignore Israel. This was the reason that Hezbollah were obliged to offer their help to Syria. They knew Lebanon would be next. The largely Shia communities of Southern Lebanon would have been trapped between the ISIS frauds and the Israelis. Even the heroic bravery of Hezbollah wouldn’t have been able to withstand that.

How many times have ISIS demanded the destruction of Israel?

Despite Iran and Hezbollah being Shia organisations, both have been loyal supporters of the Palestinians, so why would the (alleged) Sunni dominant ISIS want to destroy allies of their Sunni brethren in Palestine? None of this makes sense because it’s not supposed to. Moreover, how many Muslim groups have highlighted this glaring anomaly?

I don’t believe for a second that I’m one of the first to uncover this illogical behaviour by ISIS. Palestinians would find it difficult to expose it to the world because, as we’ve seen on the Gaza border, Palestinian journalists can be murdered with impunity. Even prior to these recent protests, if you wanted to choose the deadliest profession, you would need to travel a long way to find one worse than being a newspaper writer in the West Bank and Gaza.

Where are all the people with far more knowledge than me who could inform a much wider audience? Where is Mehdi Hassan, so quick to accuse President Assad guilty of unsubstantiated accusations, yet unable to see the hypocrisy of ISIS? Or maybe he doesn’t want to. What can we conclude from this silence amongst Pro Palestinians who know more than I ever will about the intricacies of the Israeli occupation and its decades old brutalisation of Palestinians?

ISIS is a fraud. ISIS is an excuse for Western ‘regime changers’. ISIS never attacks its logical enemy – Israel. ISIS does nothing for the Palestinians.

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