Netanyahu urges US to abandon Iran agreement.

Israeli leader creates the conditions for Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Benjamin Netanyahu has just held a press conference.

This production is nothing short of a joke. The brass neck of Netanyahu calling the Iranians liars is staggering. Let’s believe him about these incriminating files that have, with almost perfect timing, suddenly appeared. If they are legitimate, they are only diagrams. Compare that with Israel’s very real arsenal of (already) produced nuclear weapons and the means to fire them. Do Israel think that nuclear ambiguity is being honest?

Netanyahu says the US can vouch for the authenticity of this new information. After the bomb first, investigate later antics of the US government in Syria, they aren’t necessarily a credible witness.

The presentation has no information that the Israelis and Americans couldn’t concoct themselves. After all, Trump has been bleating about abandoning this Iran agreement for months.

I don’t think the Iranians will be too bothered if the US does pull out of the nuclear deal. The Americans have barely stuck to any of the sanction easing agreement anyhow.

The latest episode of storytime from Netanyahu will be used extensively by Trump, however the UK and France have so far not followed the US lead in rejecting the nuclear deal, possibly because of trade with Iran? I don’t know.

Unveiling the bookcase and disk display is a clear indication that there isn’t much substance behind Netanyahu’s rhetoric. Reliance on props suggests his own performance won’t convince anyone and why should it? He’s not very good at, is he? Who in the right mind would believe this devious pathological liar? It’s not as if he has a history of honesty, reinforced by numerous ongoing corruption investigations, involving both he and his wife.

The only thing I can say in his defence is it’s not his fault. Israeli society is based on deception, dishonesty, criminality and theft. The very creation of Israel is built on the terrorising of British troops, designed to drive them out in order to accommodate their planned ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Arab population.

If you believe this, I suggest you read ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.  It’s an old publication but still has far more credence than Netanyahu’s latest offering.

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