International law doesn’t apply to Israel.

Developments in Syria and the Gaza strip strongly support the view that Israel is the only country in the world not accountable for their crimes.

Repeated flight violations of sovereign countries airspace are consistently reported to the UN by both Lebanon and Syria. Supersonic intrusions over Lebanon are a daily occurrence and until an Israeli jet was shot down by air defences recently, Syria too was subjected to countless transgressions.

The UN appear to ignore the allegations and mainstream media certainly don’t refer to them. Initially, the attacks on Syria were justified by claims that Hezbollah forces were attempting to move weapons to their bases in Lebanon, More recently, Iran have been blamed for threatening Israel by their presence close to Golan. Another disturbing aspect is that extremists such as Al Nusra seem to be aware of the attacks on Syria and plan their own offensives to coincide with them. The timing of the extremist attacks points to collusion.

There is no doubt that the preemptive strikes by Israel, driven purely by suspicions, with no evidence, are both immoral and illegal.

Similarly, protests inside the Gaza internment fences have been met with unbelievable acts of violence by Israeli snipers. There has been no IDF soldiers harmed by these protests, yet the response has been brutal with over 40 killed, 40 more losing limbs through wounds inflicted and over a thousand seriously injured. The slaughter was clearly organised, snipers being positioned from the very first protest and have produced devastating consequences for the beleaguered Gaza strip.

No condemnation has been issued by any major nation except Russia and the UN have remained silent.

Israel empowered by US approval.

As this weeks withdrawal by the US from the Iranian nuclear deal suggests, Trump appears to be directed by Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Europe seems to be striving to keep the agreement intact. Because of previous subservience to Israeli wishes, the trio of May, Macron and Merkel might be driven by trade opportunities with Iran, even though Trump will attempt to make that difficult using sanctions. It’s hard to imagine the EU element are doing it because of empathy toward Iran.

Israel celebrate winning a competition they shouldn’t even be in.

…….And if they knew that it’s a joke to most Europeans, they wouldn’t be so pleased with themselves. The competition is the Eurovision Song Contest, which is a non event here in the UK. How did the Israelis celebrate? They popped the champagne corks with the dull thud of missiles and rockets obliterating Gaza strip. The shitty little nation known as Israel is an abomination.

Netanyahu spits his dummy out.

At yesterday’s Russian Victory Day celebration, Netanyahu appeared to get increasingly angry at something. He was seen swearing and it seems he became annoyed because a Russian General was walking between himself and President Putin. He needs to grow up and stop acting like a school boy.

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