An ironic twist for Tommy.

Despite an apparent media coverage blackout, it would seem a prominent right wing leader has been arrested here in the UK and suffered an alarmingly quick trial. He has allegedly been committed to serve over a year in jail. I do not know what the offence was but the rumours indicate a breach of the peace, in which case it sounds extremely harsh.

If the rumours are indeed true, it doesn’t really bother me. He’s a despicable sneaky rabble rouser who has consistently created an atmosphere of hatred and wholesale generalisations about the moral fibre of various groups he dislikes in the UK, particularly those of Pakistan heritage.

I have no intricate legal knowledge but the fast tracking of his court case and the similar secrecy surrounding it reminds me of the process that terror suspects are subjected to. It would be irony indeed if a man who approves the incarceration of Muslim terror suspects (without proper judicial oversight) was himself imprisoned without due process.

Here is a Glastonbury music video from a couple of years back.

A great track, despite the relatively common name of the band leader.


Racist organisation EDL are in the news again.

Some sort of protest was held yesterday in London. The reason for the gathering is unknown.

Another offering from Youtube.

On a serious note.

The concept of people being imprisoned for holding politically extreme or unsavoury views is something I don’t approve, with the exception of people who are deliberately encouraging others and doing crimes themselves. The blanket ‘hate speech’ laws are an abomination. Much as I dislike the EDL, I do not think their supporters or leaders should be silenced never mind jailing. It is up to moderate citizens to ensure their children are educated enough to make their own minds up.

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