Israeli forces play shooting game with ‘live’ targets.

The latest victim, Razan al-Najar, an extremely photogenic Palestinian nurse, compels Israel to investigate.

This proposed ‘investigation’ is just to appease critics after the 21 year old woman was brutally executed by an IDF marksman using very powerful telescopic sights. The cynical behaviour of the Zionist regime exposes the smooth and sophisticated response to a potential media catastrophe. The question we should all be asking is, ‘what about all the other victims?’

The murdering thugs who have been slaughtering carefully selected victims, particularly over the last few weeks, have had a ‘free pass’ by the worlds media, with hardly any serious questioning of the most meticulously planned frenzy of violence, even taking into account the history of Israeli brutality.

The pathetic BBC have had an article up for weeks which says ‘Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?.

As if the question needs serious consideration, the BBC casually deflects criticism away from the Israeli Defence Force.

BBC quote:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel’s military of carrying out “massacres” of unarmed civilians, but Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted its troops acted in self-defence and blamed the militant group Hamas, which dominates Gaza, for the deaths.

There are numerous deceptions just in this short excerpt. The writer legitimises the position of ‘Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’, even though he has not held any elections for years. He is an incompetent fraud who actively participates in the misery heaped on Gaza, in particular. Netanyahu tries to imply that the IDF are in the direct firing line of the protesters. The firing of slingshots, whilst being a brave attempt at retaliation, is futile because of the distance between protesters and snipers. There hasn’t been a single Israeli so much as scratched by the stone throwing resistance, so how can it be self defence? Hamas is described as dominating Gaza, casting doubt on it’s democratic credentials. They were voted to power by the people of Gaza, in what were described as perfectly acceptable elections. The false claim that they forcibly took control was the result of a US and Israeli plot to oust the people’s choice, initiating an opposition coup to reverse the democratic decision. Abbas’ Fatah group were soundly beaten by Hamas.

Every time the Palestinian struggle is mentioned, the BBC and other mainstream media wheel out the same old lies, deliberately intending to cast a dark shadow over Hamas. The reason Fatah get a much more positive publicity is because they are effectively collaborating with consecutive Israeli governments, whilst looking after themselves very nicely thank you.

The misery of the average citizen in the West Bank isn’t given much thought by these corrupt traitors, living in the lap of luxury as would be expected of any official betraying their countrymen. Netanyahu makes sure Abbas and his gophers are well rewarded for their treachery.

Until world leaders stop being spineless accomplices, aiding and abetting the Israeli criminals, there isn’t much hope for Palestinian hopes and dreams. The fact that a pretty young lady, who was there to tend the injured, was so expertly murdered by an anonymous IDF psychopath, is the only reason that Israel will finally have an ‘investigation’. We can already predict the outcome but the charade is all part of Netanyahu’s elaborate cover up, which will end with no conviction for murder but even if it did, the killer wouldn’t really be imprisoned.


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