Premeditated executions in Gaza.

The strategic planning was done, the snipers in place…….

…. And now all the IDF required was the live targets. They didn’t have to be a threat, there was no danger. Armed only with weapons that couldn’t fire the projectiles far enough to reach the soldiers perched safely in their positions, the Palestinians were lambs to the slaughter.

Relying on public outrage around the world, which didn’t materialise, the scene was set for an unprecedented murderous campaign that would last as long as the protests continued, quenching the thirst for blood of the IDF sharpshooters. Over 120 killings later and many thousands of  injuries, zero Israeli soldiers have succumbed to their injuries, because they haven’t sustained any. Not a scratch. But Netanyahu insists that they have been acting in self defence. The claim is not supported by any evidence.

Israeli soldiers are seen next to the border fence on the Israeli side of the border with the northern Gaza Strip

The injuries will have overwhelmed the already threadbare Gaza medical system, which is in such a bad shape because of the illegal and immoral siege. On top of this, horrific injuries have been inflicted by the use of high powered sniper rifles, using rounds that inflict much more devastating wounds than normal.

The use of deadly force isn’t hidden. For every innocent victim a smear campaign can be unleashed depending on the amount of empathy they are receiving from social media. They know that the mainstream media won’t give a Palestinian sympathetic slant in their lop sided reporting. For all the news agencies to promote the same pro Israeli angle, there are either unpublicised restrictions or the system is bought and paid for.

The medic recently murdered by the IDF has been subjected to vague insinuations by the New York Times, claiming her situation was complex. A cleverly edited video is also used as evidence but is absent the most important part of it.


With regards the Netanyahu claim of ‘self defence’, we need to know how many Palestinians have actually breached the numerous security fences and posed a threat to the Israeli snipers. That’s easy – none. Razan al-Najjar (above) was walking towards the razor wire with her hands in the air but it didn’t stop the snipers from murdering her.

Khan Al-Ahmar.

Read about the Khan Al-Ahmar here. A link to the campaign fighting the demolition order has gathered almost 200,000 signatures.




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