The groundless fear of being pushed into the sea.

How many times have we heard Israel complain that (insert name here) want to wipe them off the map?

Considering it’s integrated software functionality with Google Maps, mapfrappe must have an extremely close relationship with the huge company or even be a subsidiary.  However, after finding the site by chance, I put ‘Israel’ and ‘UK’ into the respective compare boxes and was shocked to find:


Not only has Palestine been wiped off the map, Golan has been transferred from Syrian territory to Israel. The site does offer the opportunity to draw your own lines but I used the default ‘Israel’ from the suggested answers.

Part of a widespread disinformation campaign.

It would appear that there is only one sensitive nation on this planet, for if it were Israel that were wiped of the map, it wouldn’t be that way for long. Wikipedia, for instance has a swathe of Israeli firsters looking for publicity unfavourable to their cause. When they find it, they either edit it with a lie or something close to it. This isn’t the only reason I don’t trust it. Jimmy Wales, the man that effectively runs it, has allowed editors with like minded views to denigrate and even lie about Wikipedia entries.

This is one of Craig Murray’s posts describing the problems. It becomes apparent that the editing is extremely subjective and Wales seems to allow some prolific editors the freedom to say what they like. As a ‘go to’, unbiased benchmark, the site is now useless. Mr Wales needs to know that his own political preferences won’t alter the truth.

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