Joan Ryan calls for end to ‘cycle of violence’.


Israeli ‘firster’ Joan Ryan pretends to be impartial in ‘Times Of Israel’ article.

Here are a few of Joan Ryan’s comments from the Times of Israel newspaper:

(my responses in bold)

The terrible and shocking events in Gaza yesterday require urgent and immediate action to end the cycle of violence and address the plight of its people.

It isn’t a cycle of violence. The violence is being inflicted on the Palestinians. For it to be a cycle, there would have to be both sides sustaining victims. Only one side currently do that.

Like any other country, Israel has a right to defend its people and its communities, especially those which are close to its border.

Of course they do but you clearly think that the Palestinians don’t?

As I have said previously, Hamas and its ideology of terror do not only pose a threat to the people of Israel. Hamas has also repeatedly shown an utter disregard for the lives of ordinary Palestinians.

No, ‘Hamas and it’s ideology of terror’ is not very effective and for you to keep up the charade that they are a serious threat to Israel is a total fabrication.

In order to deflect growing public anger at the multiple failures of its decade-long rule of Gaza, Hamas hijacked this movement and turned it in a new and darker direction. It has cynically and ruthlessly used these protests to provoke confrontation. Its operatives have fired at soldiers and hurled firebombs at them, attempted to plant bombs along the border fence, and launched kites laden with fuel across the fence, aimed at setting agricultural land alight.

There is no evidence of this being anything but a popular show of resistance and the multiple failures you talk about are the result of the siege – nothing else. We all know who is responsible for that.

The only way missiles could reach the IDF snipers is by mechanised firing equipment, mortars or similar. There has been zero evidence of these.

Over the weekend, Hamas used social media to post pictures and maps showing the shortest route from the border fence to nearby Israeli communities should any demonstrators breach the border. Nine border communities lie between 0.4 km and 3 km from the fence. Hamas’ intentions – to once again murder Israeli civilians – were all too clear.

I’m sure the Palestinians don’t need maps. Many will have been ethnically cleansed from local villages. 

Hamas cares little for the welfare of the people of Gaza. On Friday, its forces directed rioters attacking the Kerem Shalom crossing, the main route by which humanitarian aid and power reaches Gaza. It may take many weeks before it is repaired and fully operational again.

Humanitarian aid is scarcely getting into Gaza, and you know it. Israel often leave these places unmanned so that there is no way to even request passage through.

The situation in Gaza is dire and, for the vast majority of its people, it is one without hope. Unemployment stands at 40 per cent, basic infrastructure such as sewerage is under immense strain, and electricity shortages are frequent.

And it is Israel who reject the movement of vital equipment to repair these systems. They won’t allow the freedom of trade that would create greater wealth, that would result in a viable electricity grid. It’s not a result of the situation, it’s very deliberate to make the peoples lives in Gaza intolerable.

As LFI outlined in our Pledge for Gaza, the elements of that solution are clear: Hamas’ effort to rearm and restock its terror arsenal must be curtailed and stopped; the civil and political rights of the people of Gaza must be restored; the international community must honour the unfulfilled reconstruction pledges made at the 2014 Cairo conference; and the Israeli government must assist with the economic revitalisation of Gaza.

There is no evidence of Hamas ‘restocking it’s terror arsenal’. This claim is not worthy of more comment.

More broadly, this cycle of violence only makes a wider peace and a two-state solution more difficult to attain. As we are all too aware, much-needed American leadership in pursuit of that goal is totally absent. As I said last December, President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem at this time was wrong. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and will remain so in any eventual agreement, but such unilateral moves – unrelated to any wider plan or effort – do not advance the peace process.

The two state solution was dead years ago. Stop lying.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Nir Oz kibbutz on the Gaza border on a number of occasions. Its brave and resourceful people live under the constant threat of Hamas rocket attack and have suffered terribly in the past. I admire their resilience and strength, but also their compassion. They bear the people of Gaza no ill will, they wish for them only the peace and security they wish for themselves and their children.

The Palestinians have had the displeasure of being forcibly removed from that region, albeit under another name. Israelis might have many feelings towards the Palestinians, compassion isn’t one of them.

Their approach and attitude should be an example to us all as we strive for an end to violence, and the pursuit of coexistence, reconciliation and a two-state solution.

THERE CAN BE NO TWO STATE SOLUTION. Having recently watched the despicable Mark Regev being interviewed, it is apparent that he and Joan Ryan are pathological liars. 


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