Michael Kadar (Kaydar?) is convicted.

… Now let’s see the punishment for his crimes which include forcing passenger planes to be redirected and also having to execute emergency landings.

Bearing in mind that Ahed Tamimi was given eight months imprisonment for responding to being struck by an IDF soldier, who was trespassing in her front garden, the punishment handed out to Michael Kadar will be interesting. Israeli authorities have resisted attempts by US officials to extradite the dual national.

For anyone who isn’t aware, the Israeli Justice system is two tiered. For exactly the same crimes, an Arab is likely to get a much harsher sentence. Moreover, Israel prefers to allow the passage of time to forget the most vile crimes committed on Palestinians, regularly dismissing charges, to avoid court proceedings altogether. Because of the appalling mainstream media in the West, the tactic generally works.

Charge sheet included UK crimes.

Considering the attempts to over inflate the number of anti semitic crimes in the UK, the Campaign Against Anti semitism should revise it’s statistics to take into account this ‘one man’ crime spree. Gideon Falter, the head of CAA has been hammering home the threat of anti semitism, garnering prime time interviews on national TV in the UK. The threat to Jews is almost negligible in most Western countries but that doesn’t stop Mr Falter from insinuating that there is a concerted effort to terrorise the Jewish community.

Over a period of years, Michael Kadar has threatened and terrified Jews around the world with his money making scams and as this BBC report confirms, the catalogue of his crimes is extensive. Criminals like Kadar must have adversely affected the figures involving accusations of anti semitism, smearing the non Jews. Don’t hold your breath waiting for these to be corrected.

Crimes against any person committed because of their heritage is despicable but we must question their credibility in this instance because of the enormity and volume of death and bomb threats issued by Kadar.


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