Unlivable Gaza.

The UN declared worsening conditions in Gaza, so what does Israel do?

…. First of all they claim that the ‘kite bombs’ are a threat, they close the only access point to Gaza and then they start to drop bombs on ‘Hamas targets’ because of rocket fire into Israel. There is no evidence provided for these alleged provocations, ever. We just accept the Israelis word for it, always.

From this we can conclude that an organisation which has protected Israel for decades, the UN, warns of the dire consequences of maintaining a status quo in Gaza and Israel deliberately tries to make conditions much worse.

Security issues.

Israel ‘has’ to do these defensive measures to maintain its security and protect its citizens. Since the end of ‘operation protective edge’ in 2014, I can find no evidence of any Israeli civilians being harmed by the Gaza resistance. There are regular accusations from Israel regarding the firing of rockets from Gaza and more recently, kite bombs but I am unable to find any Israeli victims of these alleged attacks.

This is hardly a surprising fact, considering that Gaza is enclosed. It is fenced, guarded and observed every minute of every day. Nothing happens in Gaza without Israel knowing about it. It is an open air prison that is much worse than we could ever imagine in a science fiction movie.

Almost all water supplies are contaminated. The parents of Gaza are slowly poisoning their own children with the water they give them. The sewage systems have long since been destroyed and one of the many items Israel stops the Gazans from obtaining are spare parts to repair them.

Israel’s perceived objective in Gaza?

Looking at the situation objectively, it is difficult to see any result other than a complete collapse of the current woefully insufficient services that barely support a mere existence in Gaza. It would be a first for mankind in modern history. It would be a crime we have all stood and watched because one thing that Israel cannot control is what we discuss amongst ourselves. Not that they don’t try, using accusations of anti semitism against anyone that dares criticise Israel. The slow and calculated strangulation of Gaza is being achieved this way to allow the Western mass media to ignore it. The competition between the various news organisations is such that if one sells newspapers by exposing the truth about Israel, the others would be obliged to follow. This is unlikely to happen because of the apparent bias of the international news agencies, which overwhelmingly protect Israel by simply leaving out the details of crimes committed against Palestinians.

The worst aspect of this crime is that it isn’t a natural disaster that has made the region like it is, for instance, through drought. The water supplies that Gaza has are controlled by Israel. Whether it be a lack of pump spares or literally diverting water supplies, it is the Israelis who control the water one way or another. The contaminated water being consumed by the people of Gaza might not have a noticeable effect today or tomorrow but at some point there will be a huge crisis resulting from it.

The invisible damage by ‘Hamas’ on Israeli assets.

Despite all the rockets and more recently ‘kite bombs’, we rarely see any evidence of the damage they do. I did see a short video which looked more like stubble burning than an out of control fire. Don’t Israelis have access to the same mobile technology as we? If this were happening here in the UK, there would be an array of amateur video to be observed online. Whenever there is a terrorist event here and in Europe, the coverage with albeit grainy footage, would be widespread. It’s surprising that there are few Israeli youtube videos showing us the extent of the carnage that these makeshift weapons inflict.

The answer to this conundrum could be that Israeli governments over the years have harboured some prolific pathological liars. Netanyahu is just the latest (and possibly) greatest of them all.


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