It’s coming home ….. No, not football, the terrorist White Helmets.

Panic stricken terrorist financiers fear losing their investment.

This embarrassing saga goes from bad to worse. By insisting the White Helmets are the unjustly smeared victims of fake news and propaganda, the UK government are insulting our intelligence. Most of the damning evidence comes from the White Helmets own social media accounts. No one needs to fabricate lies about them. Every photo uploaded onto FaceBook told it’s own story. Posing with other thugs, smiling as they stroked the weapons they used to terrorise any civilians that didn’t submit to their extreme doctrine.

Organised by a former soldier with UK government connections, based and trained in Turkey and financed with millions of dollars from the US, UK and Netherlands. They weren’t, as they claimed impartial, they were seen abusing the remains of Syrian soldiers, chanting anti government insults along with terrorists and calling themselves  volunteers, when they were actually employed on a very good wage in comparison to other Syrians.


Jeremy Hunt: Right lads, hide the black flags and here in the UK, you aren’t allowed to seize emergency appliances at gunpoint, or murder the current emergency services staff! 

Theresa May has a history of allowing terrorist access to the UK.

The last time the UK took in refugees in remotely similar circumstances, 22 people lost their lives at Manchester Arena. Salman Abedi was the son of a Libyan terrorist who had been given refuge at the time Theresa May was Home Secretary. Not only that, if the intelligence services had been doing their job, (or not turning a blind eye) they would have been aware of the excessive travelling by Abedi, his frequent visits to Libya and no obvious means to support such a lifestyle. They could have also seen who he was associating with, which might have prevented the Manchester attack

Israeli involvement in ‘rescuing’ the White Helmets isn’t logical.

Do the White Helmets have no shame – accepting any help from the cold blooded killers of their brothers and sisters in Gaza? This bizarre alliance with Israel raises even more questions concerning their morality. In any case, Israel don’t help anyone without receiving something in return. On this occasion, it was probably data on the terrorists for future reference. One thing is certain, they didn’t do it out of love.

Interference in other countries affairs.

It’s nothing new, I know, but regardless of our interpretation of what the White Helmets have or haven’t been, the Syrian government should have been allowed to bring them to trial to determine their innocence or guilt. There was enough evidence from witnesses and their own reckless use of social media to justify trial proceedings. The UK government would claim they wouldn’t get a fair trial and that President Assad is a dictator and he would have slaughtered them. This has been the Western rhetoric throughout this war, however there is no instance of government forces massacring their opponents. The truth is the exact opposite of that. At EVERY opportunity Syrian and Russian leaders have opted towards saving both life and infrastructure by allowing the terrorists to either settle their differences or be shipped out to other regions. The Americans and British aren’t capable of constructing such agreements.

Previous White Helmet disappearing acts.

Recently liberated terrorist areas where the White Helmets have been operating didn’t require evacuation from Syria. Supposedly they just discarded their uniforms, grew their beards again and jumped on a government supplied bus for Idlib? They were allowed to keep personal weapons and more importantly, they all arrived safe in Idlib after the Russians had guaranteed their safety.

So, unless the people that Israel have just rescued have been working in ‘extremist’ controlled regions, surely the White Helmets could have accepted the government offer to escape to Idlib? Currently Turkey has immense influence on events in the Idlib area. It isn’t far from the Turk/Syria border and either officially or unofficially, they could easily get out of Syria this way. Passage to wherever they want in the world would be possible once in Turkey.

This discrepancy in how the White Helmets have avoided government capture before casts serious questions about who exactly has just been evacuated by the Israelis. Clearly Israel benefited from the rescue, they wouldn’t risk IDF lives to support other Western countries. As I’ve just explained, an electric razor and a change of clothes is all they needed to walk past Syrian soldiers to catch a free ride to Idlib.

These rescued personnel weren’t White Helmets at all, they were much more likely to be US/UK//French/Israeli assets, having entered through Israel initially because of Netanyahu’s friendly relations with non Palestinian terrorists.

Who has really just been evacuated from Syria?

They must be important, who ever they are. The UK government knew they would have  to endure the ridicule and all the negative publicity that goes with it to rescue the thoroughly bogus White Helmets. Already wobbling because of Brexit……….

……..These people must be very important.

2 thoughts on “It’s coming home ….. No, not football, the terrorist White Helmets.

  1. Absolutely Zara. His family were part of a vibrant Libyan community living around Manchester, given refuge for no other reason than to be the connection to forces that were attempting to instigate the toppling of Gaddafi. I have no doubt that this is the reason their freedom of movement wasn’t monitored closely and that Theresa May being the Home Secretary, had access to all what the security services were doing. In effect, the UK government, either knowingly or not, were complicit in the Manchester atrocity, as they are in much of the terrorism world wide.

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